When it comes to the war on drugs, Philippines’s President Rodrigo Duterte is a ruthless warrior ready to crush the epidemic once and for all, by any means necessary. Those means, according to the UN, also include killing drug dealers. Duterte and his country have come under fire for the alleged deaths of over 7,000 drug suspects since gaining political influence. Now the UN is stepping in to say “Hey, we don’t like the way you’re running your country. Stop ridding the world of drug dealers or else.” Can we just be done with the UN?

In response to the investigation currently taking place, Duterte warns his people that even claiming innocents is incriminating and that the better option is just to keep silent.

“You know, they say they are investigating us. My God, you fools! If you are investigating us, the rule in criminal law is, any statement or answer that you give may incriminate you. If you answer their questions, it will be freewheeling, it is recorded. If you are called there, you are bound by whatever you say. So the best way is to just keep silent. Just tell them: ‘We have a Commander-in-Chief.’ Haven’t I told you? I take full responsibility.”

The President added that the right to not incriminate oneself is covered by their Constitution. Unfortunately, their silence is not appreciated by the fuddy-duddies of the United Nations.

“(These human rights groups) got angry because the advice is ‘do not answer questions from them’ and that is for a reason – legal. That is provided for in the Constitution itself.” 

On Saturday during a meeting with soldiers in Zamboanga City, Duterte publicly warned the UN not to even step foot in the Philippines, lest they meet a terrible fate.

 “If these fools come here, are there crocodiles here? The ones that eat people? Throw those sons of bitches to them.”

But Duterte isn’t the only one under fire for his fight against drugs; President Donald Trump has also been the subject of mockery among liberals for saying America should extend the death penalty to drug dealers. 

Trump tells the story during a rally in Pennsylvania of how China’s drug problems were solved by introducing the death penalty as a repercussion for drug dealing. 

“The only way to solve a drug problem is through toughness. If you’re a drug dealer, and you know you’re gonna get caught, and you know that you’re gonna kill people… They’re killing our kids, they’re killing our families, they’re killing our workers.” 

He made note that China had a massive drug epidemic in years past, but since enforcing the death penalty, the drug issues within that country have rapidly decreased. Trump suggested we follow in their footsteps.

As for Duterte and the Philippines, the UN would do better just to walk away. Sticking their noses where it doesn’t belong and meddling in the affairs of other countries is against human rights in it of itself, so how is it they can invade someone else’s home and tell them whats right or wrong an demand they run their country a certain way? They don’t know the inner workings of the Philippines; they can’t say they know what’s best for the country. My advice? The UN needs to leave them alone and never mention their name again. I can almost guarantee things would be better off without them.