Puritanical Degeneracy – The New Religion of the Far Left


Andrew Syrios is a guest columnist who has previously written for The Daily Caller and The Blaze.

So Donald Trump called Haiti a “shithole” in a private meeting, or at least maybe he did, and the Left has gone into a rage because that is apparently the most racist thing ever. Although, perhaps it should be noted that Haiti ranks 163rd on the Human Development Index and Port-Au-Prince has no functioning sewer system.

Regardless, here’s the confusing bit; the Left has been saying these areas are “disaster zones” or “tragic” or “war-torn” or “poverty-stricken” and the like. Usually they make these pleas in an effort to bring in more refugees.

Sally Kohn offers an interesting example. Only a month ago, she tweeted that “Trump is kicking 200,000 Salvadorans out of the United States and forcing them back to a gang violence-ravaged and impoverished disaster zone.” Then she tweeted that Trump’s comments regarding Haiti are “plainly racist.”

OK, but isn’t “gang violence-ravaged and impoverished disaster zone” just the polite way to say “shithole?” (For comparison, El Salvador ranks 117th on the Human Development Index.)

Well the Left is completely against that kind of vulgarity. I mean, Reza Azlan didn’t call Trump a “piece of shit.” And Lena Dunham in no way compared Trump to Dylan Roof. Certainly no liberal has ever compared Trump to Hitler, as far as I’m aware. Rosie O’Donnell did not claim Barron Trump was autistic. Keith Olbermann in no way called Donald Trump, Jr. a “rat-faced git” or told Donald Trump to “fuck yourself” or referred to him as a “motherfucking traitor” or a “Fucking lying anti-Democracy Fuck.”

Across the pond, John Oliver didn’t say Nigel Farage had “the most punchable face” because that’s a very vulgar joke that perpetuates violence against long-faced, beer-loving Englishmen. When will the hate end?

Yes, Trump’s words, if actually spoken, were unpresidential and vulgar and all the rest. Have you honestly not figured this out about Trump yet? Regardless of what you think of him, he will never be “presidential.” But more importantly to the discussion here, it was the Left that pushed profanity and obscenity into the mainstream.

George Carlin had his “seven words you couldn’t say” and leftwing comedians would ever so slowly (or not that slowly) push the boundaries of what was allowable. Much of television, particularly HBO, is something akin to Skinemax with lots of gore and violence to boot. Same goes for the movies. Long gone are the days of the Motion Picture Production Code. Need I remind you that it was a controversy when Rhett Butler said “frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn” at the end of Gone with the Wind.

Nowadays, liberals look at the filmmaker’s code with contempt. And while it was constrictive (I for one don’t mind profanity much) and very imperfect to say the least (filmmakers weren’t supposed to show miscegenation, for example), it also had what would seem to be fairly wholesome objectives; no obscenity, no nudity, no showing crime work out well for the criminal, etc.

And we won’t even get into the whole pornography business.

So Trump might have used a vulgar expression, like the ones liberals have been pushing into the mainstream, to agree with liberals about Haiti’s condition. But because he was vulgar at the wrong time (?) and disagrees with them on immigration policy, he’s a racist. Or something.

This tangled mess seems to highlight the Left’s continuingly weird notions of what is acceptable and what is not in modern discourse. From one way of looking at it, one would think that it’s all about the freedom to do anything, no matter how degenerate. To get a brief sampling of how ridiculous this has gotten, here are a handful of real headlines from liberal outlets. And FYI, if a trigger warning was ever called for, this would be the time:

That last one sounds like it might describe how terrible incest can be, right? Wrong. The subtitle reads, “The sexual intensity was nothing like I’d ever felt before. It was like being loved by a parent you never had, and the partner you always wanted, at once.”

And unfortunately, this list could just keep going and going.

But despite flying into the degeneracy zone, the free-for-all line of thinking breaks down as well. Yes, a liberal may believe in a “woman’s right to choose” but I’ve yet to hear of someone who’s Pro Choice believing men who accidentally get a woman pregnant should be able to “choose” to “control his body” and not have to pay 18 years of child support for a kid he doesn’t want to keep if she wants to go through with the pregnancy. Indeed, I haven’t heard a liberal who’s Pro Choice believe in the freedom to choose one’s light bulbs.

We could go further into school choice, choosing to buy a gun, right to work (choosing to not be in a union), etc. It would seem that the Left is not particularly libertarian, but libertine regarding personal behavior and totalitarian with regards to others who may want to judge said behavior.

For example, in Canada, the newly passed bill C-16 makes it an arrestable offense to not use someone’s preferred pronouns. In California, knowingly exposing others to HIV is no longer a felony. In Portland, a burrito shop was forced to close because of accusations of “cultural appropriation.” Anytime someone who’s a bit skeptical of transgenderism goes to a college campus to speak, well the city better devote some substantial resources to its riot teams. And we all know what happens when a Christian baker doesn’t want to bake the cake.

William Saletan at Slate wants to talk about “After-birth Abortion” and “The pro-choice case for infanticide.” Adam Weinstein at the now-defunct Gawker wants to “Arrest Climate-Change Deniers.” Barbara Greenberg at US News and World Reports wants to seriously ask “Should Schools Ban Kids From Having Best Friends?” All the while, Denver has pretty much decriminalized public defecation and a whole spate of speech laws have been enacted all over Europe to combat so-called “hate speech.”

These laws are best epitomized by a man who was jailed (he was later found dead in prison) for leaving a bacon sandwich outside a Mosque in Bristol, another for quoting Winston Churchill in Winchester and another in Lanarkshire who was arrested for teaching his pug to Sieg Heil in an obvious joke. And of course, the far Left wants to bring such laws to the United States as well.

Perhaps the Left just truly believes in the hyper-libertarian sovereignty of the individual and that must be protected with massive state power and force. I mean, even children as young as eight are “transitioning.” But wait, if children that young can choose to change genders, shouldn’t they also be able to consent to sex?

Oh God…

“Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime,” New York Times

“I’m a pedophile, not a monster,” Salon (since deleted, but the title seems to be mostly inaccurate)

“Meet pedophiles who mean well,” Salon

“Not all paedophiles are bad people – we need to have a sense of proportion,” The Independent

At least for now there isn’t any attempt to legitimize or downplay the actual behavior… For now.

But returning to the point at hand, what exactly is it that defines the hard Left’s values these days? The inviolable sovereignty of the individual isn’t it, otherwise there would be no demands to “bake the cake.” And vulgarity itself certainly isn’t it, either. It would seem that the Left’s mission is to vigiliantly protect the degeneracy it is promoting and to do so in a completely authoritarian manner.

Every movement needs a mission, and Puritanical Degeneracy is that modern mission for the modern far Left.