On Friday around 3:20PM, 59-year-old Rene Bouscer broke into the home of Kentuckian Senator Rand Paul. According to the Daily News, Paul received only “minor injuries;” however, according to the severity of those injuries, Boucher will be charged accordingly. 

(Photo: Warren County Jail)

“Senator Paul was blindsided and the victim of an assault,” stated Paul’s communications director. “The assailant was arrested and it is now a matter for the police.”

The motive currently remains unclear, though preliminary investigation has ascertained that there was clear intention to injure the senator. 

Although a registered Republican, Boucher’s response to the GOP has been overwhelmingly critical since the advent of President Trump, judging by his Facebook page, and advocates for both gun control and healthcare reform. 

It is possible that there is a mutual connection between the victim and assailant, as Boucher’s daughter is friends with Rand Paul’s son, William, on Facebook. Any connection at all is very odd, however, concerning that Boucher was an anesthesiologist in San Francisco, and Paul lives in Bowling Green, Kentucky. 

Approximately 8 months ago, Boucher left a review for a plumbing company based in Bowling Green, Kentucky, meaning that he may potentially own property in the area. 

Boucher’s Facebook is littered with shared posts from the Occupy Democrats Facebook page, and although he is a registered Republican, has expressed moral outrage for the presidency of Donald Trump. The story is still developing, and it is expected that a motive will be forthcoming in the next several hours.