They have both been talking about it for some time now.

But now it’s finally done. As of just this morning, President Trump has sent a firm message to old guard Republicans who have thus far blocked any real attempt to repeal Obamacare. Teaming up with Libertarian leaning rogue Senator Rand Paul, the pair have now gone around Congress to ensure that at least some level of real healthcare reform is enacted before year’s end.

Some may be surprised to see the President working so close with the Senator given they haven’t always seen eye to eye. Such as when Paul tirelessly worked to defeat the proposed healthcare bill by RINO conservatives Lindsey Graham and Bob Cassidy. A bill that Paul rightfully argued was in many ways more an expansion of Obamacare then the repeal Republicans ran on in 2016.

Now though it seems the two have found some common ground, with the White House this morning joining with Senator Paul in stating this measure would, “increase the healthcare choices for millions of Americans.” The Senator also released his own views regarding this mornings Executive Order. Some highlights here below.

“So what does that mean for you, the healthcare consumer? Well, first of all, it means millions of people who now go it alone or in very small groups will join together and make the consumer the king, with increased bargaining power and better prices.”

“Best of all, this isn’t a government mandate. It isn’t a subsidy. It isn’t a tax. Rather, it is the removal of government regulation and barriers to the best possible health care for millions of people.”

The cost to the taxpayer? ZERO! As opposed to the trillion-dollar, “fake” replacements we voted on, this replacement simply legalizes choice.”

“Millions of Americans will be eligible to band together to demand less-expensive insurance. The 28 million individuals left behind by Obamacare will now be eligible for inexpensive insurance. This is what real free market replacement looks like.  I’ve been working with President Trump and his Cabinet for months to get this done.”

While both the President and Senator agree this is only a stepping stone and full repeal and replace of Obamacare is still needed. This bold action might just be what is needed to force reluctant Republicans into action. As now they understand, Trump isn’t just going to wait around for them to fall in line forever.

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