Sexual promiscuity and various allegations of abuse suffered under and by prominent social figures have popped up all over the internet in the past several weeks. One year ago, anyone might dismiss concerns over sexual abuse in Hollywood as a “conspiracy theory,” however, with the massive amount of celebrities and politicians that have come under fire for sexual abuse, such claims can no longer be brushed to the side.

Todd Kincannon is an attorney and political activist well known for his rather controversial statements on hot issues. On, an alternative social media network, Kincannon published the following post:

A 2016 study released by UCLA found that women have collectively committed millions of sexual offenses against American men including rape, assault, coercion, and harassment. According to a study, male victims are both more likely to underreport sexual assaults than their female counterparts, and are also more likely to suffer negative psychological effects from them. Researchers at Florida Atlantic University also found that men are more likely to develop depression and deal with adverse psychological outcomes than women who are sexually assaulted. 

Sadly, Kincannon’s words are both real and sobering. Had he been born as a woman, Kindcannon’s claim of being sexually assaulted by a prominent social figure would have been taken with the utmost seriousness; however, because he is a man, his claims of victimhood will be laughed off as nothing more than an overreaction. 

Unfortunately, as a Republican operative, Kincannon will likely not be given a spotlight by the mainstream media to expand on his allegations. No formal case has been made to follow up on Kincannon’s allegations. 

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