John McCain is on the war path once more. But as per his usual recent behavior it’s not Democrats or other Liberals across the aisle he is targeting. Rather the Senator from Arizona is once again spending his time attacking fellow Conservatives. Especially those of the Populist or Nationalist varieties.

McCain in his role of RINO figurehead seems determined to undermine the Republican President and the movement that brought the GOP back to power in every way he can. In a speech yesterday night, Mr. McCain attempted to warn all who would listen, about the dangers of what he called “half-baked, spurious Nationalism.” Ironically in the same speech the Senator attacked American Nationalism he also accused Trump supporters of being “unpatriotic”. By claiming the current rising sentiment in large parts of the GOP to start pulling back on global efforts such as the never ending wars and focusing more on the situation at home, simply wasn’t the American way.

Someone needs to get the Senator a history book though, as almost all of our Founders were strong believers in American non-interventionism. It’s obvious listening to McCain’s Globalist rhetoric vision for America that he never took to heart President Jefferson’s famous remark that the essential principles of the American government should be, “peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.”

These days McCain seems more comfortable with allying himself with Democrat Globalist war hawks then standing for any truly Conservative principles. In fact it was a prominent Democrat that actually presented McCain an award at the event yesterday where he delivered his speech. Former Vice President Joe Biden on hand to proudly give his close friend McCain a “Liberty Medal.” Why a once principled man like McCain who now spends his days in the Senate attacking the few actual remaining stalwarts of liberty like Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz was even deserving of such an award is beyond my recognition. But it does at least seem appropriate that it was Mr. Biden and not someone from his own alleged party that gave it to him.

Oddly, this same man who is now the recipient of a “Liberty Medal”, seems to believe that actual individual liberty protecting small government is just another old worthless ideology just like Nationalism. An ideology he referred to, “as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma of the past that Americans consigned to the ash heap of history.”

Amazing how anyone backed by Soros can still pretend to be a Conservative

What can we expect though from the likes of someone who openly has ties to both the Muslim Brotherhood, and calls Globalist visionary George Soros a close personal friend? Considering his disgust for Populism, and Nationalism, maybe Islam is more the basis for an ideology Mr. McCain would approve of. After all, he has called it an honorable religion in the past, and attacked the President for being too harsh on Muslims. Whatever the Senator’s true allegiances it’s obvious he is no friend to almost anyone on the right anymore. Whether that be Populist, Conservative, Libertarian, Alt-Right, or anything else. It’s time McCain dropped the act, joined his friend Mr. Biden, and just admitted he is really operating as the Democratic Senator from Arizona at this point.

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