The infamous Rosie O’Donnell has managed to make everyone’s eyes roll once again. But this time there was no Twitter ban in play, although there probably should have been. In a since-deleted post, (thank God for screenshots) Rosie is seen committing several crimes all in one tweet. Lachlan Markay of the Daily Beast tweeted the following screenshots; oddly enough, his fans are torn as to how to react to the whole situation.     

Also included, were screenshots of the repercussions one would face by violating these laws.   

Though Rosie is promising a hefty 4 million in exchange for having her agenda met on the Tax plan, Lachlan Markay’s followers aren’t as united against this as you’d think they’d be. After all, this is yet another confirmation on all of the crookedness in Hollywood and politics. This is a very unAmerican thing to do, and Rosie is doing it in broad daylight. 

You do realize she was offering public officials money to influence their vote on a bill, which is bribery.

Good for her. Playing in the sewers is the only thing the GOP understands. Time for Dems to take the lift down to the bottom floor and fight where the GOP live…the gutters. Stuff the moral advantage. Desperate times call for everything BUT morals.

Yes, she did make it easy for them to prosecute her if they wanted to. It is hard to see it as a joke when she specifies the amount of money to be bribed as communicated to two specific politicians and asks those politicians to DM her.  

Intellectually dishonest statement, sir, when GOP lobbyists and donors literally wrote a tax bill to enrich themselves. Whats the difference? Lobbying is legalized bribery. We are *as corrupt* as the Third World countries we lecture about corruption.

Some argued that this could be a joke, based on the fact that she’s a comedian. But you can’t just break the law and then turn right around and say, “it’s just a prank bro!”

Just because politicians and politician wannabe’s do this all the time, doesn’t make it acceptable. That’s the whole point of draining the swamp; catch the corruption in the act and put a stop to it. And yes, bribery under any form is a crime and is punishable under federal law. Shocker there, right? USLegal tells us that what Rosie posted on Twitter could get her into some big trouble with the law.

The General Federal Bribery Statute punishes the following acts of bribery:

  • Any public official influencing the performance of any official act in violation of official duty;
  • A person bribing a public official with the intent to influence his/her testimony under oath or affirmation before any court, or any committee;
  • A person demanding bribery in return for being influenced in testimony under oath or affirmation as a witness in a trial or proceeding or in return for his/her absence from such appearance;
  • Any person offering bribery for the performance of a public duty;
  • Any person demanding bribery for the discharge of public duty;
  • Any person giving anything of value personally for testimony under oath to be given by such person as a witness upon any trial; and
  • Any person demanding anything of value personally for testimony under oath to be given by such person as a witness upon any trial.

For Rosie’s sake, she better have a good lawyer, because she’s going to need one. This is a new age in America, one where we no longer tolerate greed and corruption. In this age, we are draining the swamp.