John Podesta Made An Example Of Seth Rich, Wants Media To Focus On President Trump Colluding

President Trump colluding

The MSM is again pushing invalidated, false, and wild conspiracy theories about President Trump colluding with Russia to beat Hillary in last year’s election. But liberal media won’t push the story about former DNC staffer Seth Rich being murdered in Washington DC last year.

Democrats and the media they control continue to push the false tale that Trump worked with Russia to rob Clinton of the 2016 Presidential election. This lie is being pushed on all media outlets as a truth even though there is still no evidence to support the accusation.

Democrats and the MSM have argued that Trump somehow gave DNC emails to WikiLeaks that changed the election and gave the victory to Trump. This false. For example, WikiLeaks released DNC emails before the election but the MSM mostly ignored them.

President Trump colluding with Russia is a laugh. 

WikiLeaks released the DNC emails disproving the very narrative the DNC was pushing.

Also, the emails did contain information that showed unethical, possibly criminal, actions by Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta and Hillary Clinton before the election, and there is no proof that the emails were false.

John Podesta has a history of shady and alleged illegal activity. The late Andrew Breitbart, creator of was onto him even back in 2012. He asked, “What’s in your closet, Podesta?”

The Podesta/Clinton plan to blame Russia collusion was planned far in advance in case Hillary lost.

The next day after Hillary’s drubbing in the election to President Trump, it was reported that Podesta and the Clinton duo put the Trump/Russia smear campaign into full swing. Podesta and Clinton pushed this falsehood in spite of having many connections with Russia themselves.

Hillary, via the Clinton Foundation, was given millions from Russia in return for providing a huge percentage of US uranium to Russia while Secretary of State under President Obama. As for Podesta, his own emails released by WikiLeaks show that he received 75,000 shares in a  Putin-connected energy company. Then he tried to cover it up by giving the shares to his daughter.

Now the Podesta camp, while still pushing the President Trump colluding with Russia narrative, is having bots on Twitter attack Sean Hannity and New Gingrich to shut down the Seth Rich story because Podesta “made an example of the leaker.”

CNN, a leader in pushing the President Trump colluding with Russia narrative, busts on Fox for a “debunked Seth Rich story.”

This is a large mess. If it weren’t for WikiLeaks, none of this would have come to light. 

The emails prove that the collusion accusations are false and that Podesta had something to do with the Seth Rich murder.

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