“President Trump speaks at the Republican National Committee winter meeting in Washington.” The Washington Post described as they hosted live video coverage of Trump’s speech. “We are going to set another kind of record.” The President began, “and that’s making our country so great again. So much better than it ever was.” Trump went on to note how the democrat’s theme of “resistance” isn’t playing out too well. Bills are being passed, and the left-wing party wants nothing to do with creating a greater America. He also praised the new tax cut, including the individual mandate repeal. Included in his speech not surprisingly, was the condemnation of haters and fake news.

Trump was on a roll; the crowd cheered as Trump spoke of the great things happening in the U.S. But then, something happened. An interruption that would confirm every single fake news accusation we have ever made. Trump told us that we have a few terms, using “Make America Great Again” as an example. He added, “But one of them is ‘America First.’ America over other countries.” As he began to dive further into the meaning of America First, the camera (the one from the Washington Post) began to quickly zoom out, and a hot mic captured someone from their team saying “Shut it down. Shut it down”. I shouldn’t be one to judge, but just in the way that demand was spoken, it sounded like it came from the mind of a true flaming liberal.

The screen faded and went to test patterns before showing nothing but the Washington Post logo for about 14 minutes. (Here is another upload of the incident in case the original gets taken down.)

People took to the comment section to vent about the obvious liberal bias, and it wasn’t pretty.   

“This shit isn’t funny anymore. We are at War with the Media.”


‘”Democracy dies in darkness’ pretty ironic as you fade to black.”

“Oy vey! We simply can’t let you goyim watch this. Why don’t you go and watch some of our (((other videos))) instead?”

“He spoke the truth (as always). MSM did release polls that showed favorable ratings to the SOTU speech, then they ate their polls and spun a much negative commentary. ‘Shut it down.’ – Beta Male”

As to be expected, the Washington Post made no further comment, and neither did any other mainstream media station. Apparently, these days it’s trendy to be completely disrespectful to the President and silence the right to free speech for anyone who’s a liberal. What’s your takeaway on all of this? Let’s have a conversation.