Former congressman Anthony Weiner’s old haunts are coming back into the spotlight once again after he was arrested and sentenced to 21 months in prison for sexting a minor. A list recently released to the public contains information on all of Anthony Weiner’s contacts; names, addresses, work, and so forth. The kicker? All of this information was released straight from Weiner’s laptop, which is currently being held under evidence by the FBI. 

It’s important to note that we are not trying to “witch hunt” anyone, and this information is not meant for you to do the same. We are not interested in doxxing these individuals, rather we are interested in reporting on the doxxing list that was released, potentially by a rogue FBI agent. This laptop is under FBI surveillance and the reason we know this is because they found emails sent between him and Hillary Clinton back when the email scandal was all anyone ever talked about. Who else but someone in the FBI would have released this? We aren’t saying that it’s definitely a member of the FBI, but who else could possibly be responsible?   

Now, on to the list. There is a grand total of 639 individuals who are having their private information exposed for all the world to see. People such as:


Rabbi Arturo Valenzuela.

Al Gore.

Hillary Clinton. 

Terry McAuliffe, the former Governor who said of the Clinton family, “We are best friends.”

John Podesta.

Tamera Luzzatto, the woman who previously wrote disturbing emails to John Podesta and operated a website where she solicited children in many inappropriate ways. From hot time with adults for “entertainment purposes” to just being an all-around creep, it’s no surprise that someone like Anthony Weiner would associate themselves with a known pedophile. 

George Soros. Of course. Perhaps he had hoped he could get some sort of “get out of jail free card” since Soros is known to throw his money at absolute scum. 

Also on the list are names like Jake Tapper, Greta Van Sustren, and even a few Rothschild’s thrown in there. The list is archived, probably so that Hillary Clinton couldn’t send someone to delete it. Again, who if not someone from the FBI, could have possibly released this information? The FBI are the only ones who have access to his computer so unless someone can out hack the FBI, we have a rogue agent on our hands.  
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  • MolonLabeNOW

    NYC PD had the computer first if I recall. I believe they are the one’s who notified the Feds. They also said they would leak it if a broom was used to sweep it under the rug!

    • DeadMessenger

      I may never, ever stop laughing, tbh.

      • Mina17

        I am trying very hard to tamp down the schadenfreude. But I admit, it is tough.
        These people played fast and loose with the law by using dirty tricks and now their dirty tricks are coming back to haunt them in ways no one could have ever expected. Very satisfying.

        • amuncat

          This is what happens when crooks think they will never be found out! Remember, it was inconceivable that Hillary wouldn’t win!!! Thus the reason it is so easy to follow their trail once it started unraveling. The string has been pulled in the wool sweater, the linchpin being removed, wheels coming off!

          Image what things would have been like if these dark and evil people had won!

          • Seed_of_Albion

            “Pride goeth before destruction, and vanity before the fall.”

    • Katerina Tarinski


    • That1guy

      NY State Police.

    • Jake from State Farm

      No need for the NYC PD to leak the info, any computer that sent emails to hrc who’s server was beyond comprised. Her server – Windows XP server 2003 with admin login window in “open” mode is about as leaky as a 100 year old faucet. Hacks to exploit that version windows in “open mode” are in the thousands.

      So anyone who was opening email messages from hrod were also getting hacked. I have Windows 2018 server with a Linux firewall and I would never open the admin login feature. Absolutely no reason to have it open, it’s just asking for trouble

      • Truth

        what is admin open? how do i close?

    • amuncat

      I wanna know what’s inside of the “insurance policy” file!!!

    • gomurr

      Yes, and they kept a copy of everything on it.

    • Seed_of_Albion

      You’re right.

  • where’s the link to the list?

  • Deborah McCauley

    Supposedly there is a video of Hillary and Huma abusing a child on Weiner’s laptop.

    • Hudis Qus

      This is exactly how conspiracy theories start

      • Parfie

        And they start, because usually there is a morsel of truth in every single one of them. Perhaps we need to start asking ourselves, what morsel, could that be?

        • Hudis Qus

          You are saying is true that Trump obstructed justice and colluded with Russia?

          • DeadMessenger

            Um, no, Hillary did. But then, Hillary makes it a point to do seditious stuff every day.

          • Hudis Qus

            Maybe she did, yes, lock her up! But then Trump could also be guilty according to what Parfie said. Lock him up!

          • DeadMessenger

            I speak for myself.

          • obfuscation100

            Well, here’s the thing. There is a growing mountain of hard evidence of treason, sedition, money laundering, murder, child sex trafficking (etc.) associated with your dear Hilary, while few know who what rumor-monger Parfie said. Please learn to distinguish between facts and fantasy.

            In the United States people are entitled to a fair trial by jury regardless of their political affiliation. Those of us who have been following the murderous, treasonous Clintons since their arrival on the political stage are well aware of their perfidy. So far, Mueller has produced nothing but a HUGE bill for the taxpayers (no evidence of criminal behavior) while operating without any legal authority. Do you see a pattern here?

          • Hudis Qus

            My dear Hillary? when did I say anything good about Hillary? I don’t give a damn, lock her up for life! But don’t pretend Trump is innocent of wrongdoing

          • Parfie

            No actually.. read what I said. I never said a word about Hillary or Trump.

            I said they usually START because there is a nugget of truth in them.

            If you want to interpret that to mean whatever– that’s up to you.

          • Hudis Qus

            I read what you said: “[conspiracy theories] start, because usually there is a morsel of truth in every single one of them”. But you didn’t like when I said that Trump obstructed justice and colluded with Russia. There must be some truth on these accusations then.

          • Parfie

            I said, take it as you will, trying to pull me into your debate about what was done or not done – is irrelevant, as there are no conclusions to the many investigations that are occurring. I have opinions, of course, but they are opinions. I wasn’t trying to start a debate.. I was generally offering my experience with them. Take it as YOU will, but don’t try and drag me into your desired drama for a debate on it. If I wanted to debate, I would have left a political comment. I didn’t. Have a good day!

          • Hudis Qus

            You are hilarious. I responded to Deborah and then you stick your nose in the conversation and you claim that I want to pull you into a debate? Mind your own business then! Nobody asked your opinion

      • obfuscation100

        I perceive that the conspiracies are being shown to be something other than theories. I regret to inform you that there are many conspiracies existing in fact. The perpetrators of those conspiracies are the first ones to jump up and down and foam at the mouth while reciting their mantra, “conspiracy theory”. The mere mention of that over-used phrase should cause red flags to pop up in any critical analysis as it is the conspirators’ first line of defense (disinformation).

        • gomurr

          The CIA coined the term “conspiracy theory” after the assassination of JFK so people wouldn’t questioned the findings of the Warren Commission. It has been used ever since to discredit those who don’t concede to the “official” findings of a given event.

        • Hudis Qus

          The king of disinformation is Trump, you have to accept this fact. Just listen to his speeches and tweets. It’s all inflated facts that his base will believe no matter what. All you need to do is listen to his claims and do your own investigation

    • Alvin
    • Hudis Qus
      • God
        • Hudis Qus

          Please point me to the part that has the concrete evidence of the video of Hillary and Huma abusing a child. I only see a list of contacts

    • Greta G

      Blocked Alvin. He’s a an ignorant, hateful atheist inferring you’re dumb. Rich. You seem pretty smart to me. NYPD sources said exactly what you posted over a year ago.

    • amuncat

      IMPOSSIBLE, silly! Huma and Anthony have called off their divorce for the sake of their son who was included on the selfe with Anthony having an erection while calling a teen girl! Make sense? Thought so!

  • Mike .

    Great! I just got Al Gore’s number. Now I can call and tell him to turn off the damn lights. $2500 a month electric bill is obscene.

  • Mad Dog

    Does Carlos Danger have his own listing?

  • bflat879

    Who has custody of it now? I doubt anyone held on to this for years.

    • gomurr

      The FBI has custody of the laptop. The NYPD has a copy of everything on it for “insurance”, just in case the FBI lets the evidence just rot there.

  • rosignol

    …has anyone gone over the list to find ‘alternate email accounts’ used by .gov types yet? Might be relevant to some ongoing investigations.

  • r3volution

    Why would they leak this and not the photographic evidence the NYPD said turned their stomachs?

    • Debi Sovelet

      Do you want that, too?

    • Gmama

      Because it is likely something no one should want to see.

      • r3volution

        Because that would be evidence that would finally put her away.

        • loubet26

          The ones that don’t want to look and aren’t ready to accept it can surely turn away but the rest of us who are stronger and want to know the truth should be able to see.

          • r3volution

            I agree. I don’t want to see anything where children are hurt but I feel that getting images or photographic evidence out there may be the only way to convince her followers that she needs to be put away.

      • Truth

        Revolution – Because public is not ready. It would traumatize many good people. Nobody wants that.

    • Roman Hamilton

      Do you really want to look at a type of porn that makes one vomit?

      • Truth

        I think some people are so brain washed they will NEVER believe it til they see it for themselves.

    • obfuscation100

      They would have to arrest themselves on charges of pornography and child sex trafficking.

      • r3volution

        Good point.

    • Truth

      When pizzagate came out there was youtube video that freaked people out that did not show anything more than blurry images I could not make out. However it sounded like Podestas wicket evil voice screaming at some poor kid. The kid screaming was very traumatizing. I cried for days. If the public sees the real thing they will go mad with rage that is for sure. There will be a sellout on pitchforks and rightly so. I can tell you they would not last a week.

      • r3volution

        Yes saw that disturbing video and it really does sound like pedostas voice. I think there are likely far worse and incriminating videos and images out there. I feel like they need to be uncovered in order to put these perps away (on both sides whoever they are) and to prove to the brainwashed masses how far gone are the people who have been running our country for the last 16-50 years or more. Its going to be hard for people to wrap their minds around and recover but we must start the recovery process. My fear is that people will not believe the evidence due to severe cognitive dissonance, desensitization, and apathy.

  • elkh1

    Like the idea that someone out hacked the hackers.

    • amuncat

      On another comment site someone has asked that hackers see if they can hack Obama’s college transcript and birth certificate. For the life of me, I am not aware of a POTUS EVER having his college transcripts sealed! WHY? Did he go as a foreign student from Kenya? These are conspiratorial dishonest people, I put nothing past them!

  • Denver L. Mason

    The rogue FBI agent could just be a decent FBI agent who knows what it means to be under oath to the Constitution and that the Government (We The People) need the information to make correct choices for ourselves and our servants.

  • Pyrthroes

    “We be Weiners!”

    Good to know we don’t show up on Carlos Danger’s wild, swinging list of subversive Ratski kleptarchs, pedophiles, all-round Orgy Island dregs.

    No “camp of the saints” here… but wouldn’t it be nice to think that once, just once, this ultimately subversive Clinton/Soros shadow State would have neural-nets sufficient to maintain even a quasi-defensible facade?

  • JoeKlip

    We know the Russian hacked into all the top Dems so this is the work of the Russian. Is this any surprise?

  • Glenn Gallup

    My guess is more than one rogue agent.

  • Dan
  • Tesla_X

    Leaky wiener strikes again…he really is the gift that keeps on giving!


  • Dan
  • Dan
  • gbear

    Seth Rich.

  • Dan
    • Hudis Qus

      Haha funny, conservatives are a bunch of pedofiles and then they said god forgives them and want to pretend everything is ok. Including pu**y grabber and womanizer Trump. Yes democrats are not better, Clinton is no better but come one! Stop pretending!

      • Roman Hamilton

        A man grabbing a woman’s puss doesn’t make you a pedophile, it makes him NORMAL – as long as the woman agrees to it.

        Trump just make a joke and yet the liberals gave Old Wild Bill Cock a pass when he a got a blow job by a young and attention seeking whore in Monica Lewinsky.

        • paul smith

          And Trump was framed by Billy Bush. and also Trump apologize in front of the the world with true humility and shame that that tape got found out. not to mention it was 12 years before he even ran for President

          • Truth

            I know 12 years ago while Hillary is doing unspeakable acts of horror NOW!

        • Hudis Qus

          Joke? you have to be kidding, you are delusional.
          Trump always runs his mouth and if he gets in trouble the white house always says he was joking. He is the real joke!

          • TrentSki

            You would defend pizzagate to the death. Don’t lie to yourself

          • Hudis Qus

            Why should I? I don’t care about crooked Hillary. Lock her up!

        • Robert DeSantis

          He didnt gab anything , he TALKED about grabing puss while on a buss with one other guy present .

          • Seed_of_Albion

            Thanks. I don’t know why people can’t grasp this simple fact.

    • tonebone

      Dan’s ON FIRE!!

  • Dan
  • Cindy Crawford’s Russian mole

    Has anyone tried calling these numbers

  • AnitaPals

    Ugh, Bianca Jagger’s cell phone?

  • Easy St

    This article appears to be about this list, from a November 2016 4chan thread:

    • Moe Billstryke

      That is a different list. They have a lot of the same contacts, so that should tell you something. The list you posted is Sid Blumenthal’s leaked contact list.

      • Easy St

        Thanks. I didn’t know that was someone else’s leaked contact list. I couldn’t spot the differences. Can you point out a contact or two that are different?

        • J T

          I’ve randomly checked and have not found any differences other then (at) instead of @ and some contacts have been pasted on the same line.

  • Rollie Flex

    Fuck em all.

  • LouAnnWatson

    notice how disproportionate the jewish portion is? they’re certainly not all of his temple friends

    • harpotoo

      Say what you want about Carlos Danger but he ‘IS’ Jewish!

    • obfuscation100

      Reminds me of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

  • Easy St

    This article appears to be about this list, from a November 2016 4chan thread:
    I take it you’re more interested in highlighting your particular selected names from the list, than where the list came from?

    • Joel H

      Sid’s list leaked years ago. This is no where near as long as Sidney’s.

    • J T

      I agree looks like someone copied the Blumenthal list and pasted with maybe minor adjustments.


    The list was released to prove the laptop had indeed been hacked. If Putin had the ability to control anyone, it would have been by blackmailing Hillary.

  • Debi Sovelet


  • Dr.Weird

    It’s fine to witch hunt communists, better however, to burn them at the stake.

  • Norman R Cousino II


  • Beagle

    “People such as…”

    Ad which says “chimpamzees working together”.


  • Will

    Alisha Sherron, You seem to have forgotten that the NYPD also has a complete copy of the drive on Wiener’s lap-top. This info could surely come from a person with access to that data in the NYPD.

  • Stace325

    Now who should I call first?

  • God
  • Lololololol! I am loving watching the communist godless Democrats fall apart! MAGA!

  • Juan Pablo

    A rogue agent? You spelled “hero of the republic” wrong!


    NYPD has a copy of the hard drive.

  • Immolate

    Given the opportunity, I’m pretty sure I’d vote against every name on that list. That said, how is this not doxxing?

  • Chaz Nonya

    I wonder if that number for Soros is still good?

  • IHC

    I’m sure that the leak is not by accident. I remember clearly that police department investigators were outraged at the time about other things they found on that laptop besides the phone numbers. It was about videos and audios that made some of the officers sick looking at them. Their disgust caused them to be vocal about the need for further investigation of that find. It was Strzok/FBI who intervened and took custody of that laptop only to burry the find. He was helped along by Preet Bharara who also slow walked and then dropped investigation.
    I think we will learn in time what really was on that laptop that was far worse than just these phone numbers although the name of Tamera Luzzatto gives us an idea.

  • Forrest

    People need to make copies of these.

  • D. Crane

    Excellent reporting..

  • Alleged-Comment

    BUSTED! Who would associate with a pedophile and exhibitionist? Yep, the ENTIRE Demoncrap party, that’s who!

  • Grace Ziem

    They say you are know by your friends; HRC: you are an EVIL person!

  • 777watcher

    This is just the beginning…..crumbs….the fact that Luzzato the Pedo is on there is to wake people to this bit by bit……the really vile stuff is dripping out, because when everyone sees the extent of the vile activities involving sex trafickked children, especially Haiti earthquake 2010 kids…..everyone is going to lose their minds…who is involved and what they did and are still doing……ask yourself? where do all the missing kids go? Well all involved you may have voted for and it is really sick stuff…….dripping it out is to keep people from absolute shock…….it is that bad. If you are not following, there are 10,000 sealed indictments across America as we type. Jerome Corsi and Tracy Beanz are worth looking at their Twitter and daily Youtube videos/updates……..really good investigation pieces and putting all the documents together…..the real stuff. You will be mad as hell…… over exaggeration. Once you know, you really should tell someone else so it gets out, so you can prepare your mind and heart…….it is truly vile, vile stuff. Yes, involves Hillary and Obama. Sickening stuff. Kids are currency. Infants in many cases. Look up Laura Silsby/Haiti/Orphans/Amber Alert. PedoGate…..Tamera Luzzato, kids for sale.

  • Black Hole Sun

    Clever attempt get the laptop nullified and out of the evidence loop.

    • gomurr

      It’s only a list of names, addresses, and phone numbers. Besides if what’s said to be on the laptop is so bad the NYPD turned it over to the FBI while retaining a copy for “insurance”, if it were made public, these people would have no where to hide.

  • Clint knight

    Pinning Hillary & Huma with a crime, is like pinning slime to a wall. If this was you or I our butts would have been rotting in jail by now! Their guilty as sin but will find some way slip away. Got Wiener, but hes just a little fish in a sick pond. We need the bottom feeders pulled out. Like Clinton, Podesta, Comey, Abedin……
    Whoever posted this info 👍

  • 777watcher

    this is all over the internet #s have been called and they are real :

    Weiners laptop # list:

    this is a good read/follow on Twitter: Laura Loomer

  • 777watcher

  • 777watcher

  • CountryBoy74

    Could you make it bigger to read?

  • amuncat

    I hope the rogue agent is agents!!!! I hope that the true FBI is in the process of leaking and taking down their force’s disgrace! Come on out those who truly stands for America, we’re behind you!

  • ggaston1960

    This seems HUGE! Good Job! Not Fake! Bigly!

  • Batfire

    If so and the NYC PD did release the data I say WELL DONE! WELL DONE! unless of course its now considered tainted evidence. ;-(

  • Elainee Perkins

    This is another Democrat DIVERSION. They have pulled this trick so many times that it is surprising that people still don’t understand WHAT and WHY the Democrats do this. IT IS TO GET everyone’s mind off of the GOP Memo that was released and to get everyone talking about their DIVERSION. AND when are the sheep in America going to wake up?

  • FlensingFools

    The list isn’t Weiner’s, and it’s been online for over a year.

    You people are D E S P E R A T E

    • tonebone

      yes we are… for the truth.

  • FlensingFools

    Why do you think this is news?
    …considering its age and availability?
    Do you really think that little of your (easily manipulated) readers?
    No need to answer.
    It’s clear you do.

    I pity all the simps who are gobbling this up.

    • gomurr

      Is that you, Nancy?

  • Truthhurts

    Looks good on them.

  • Warriorswife

    Looked like 2 separate ph numbers for Hillbag and then Bill’s Chappequa line?
    Way to go Weiner!
    All of this is going to make a very juicy movie some day

  • Prepper Girl

    I hope Soros, Clinton & other’s have changed their phone numbers, & email addresses, as they will be getting lots of calls from “well wishers.”

    • gomurr

      What Happened?

  • rivered

    I tried calling a few. Mostly disconnected.

  • BillClinton

    Thank you for this information.

  • James

    YEA AND?


    I want to see the whole damn list!

  • tonebone

    Show of hands… how many people dialed Soros’ number?

  • nvrat

    So where is the other 632 on the list.

  • Non-GMO Farm Girl


  • Michael

    It’s becoming quite clear that there’s two systems of justice in America. And, it’s starting to look like the only way us folks on the bottom are going to receive equal justice in the country our forefathers built is to band together and take out the elitist on the top and re-take our country from the Esau Edomite’s and their minions of all classes.

  • Lun
  • Malcolm

    I surely would appreciate the screen shots 3 times bigger and higher resolution. Please

  • I should call Huma. I’m thinking she would be up for giving me a $10 BJ.

    • Deplorable Catz

      Unless you’re in the Muslim Brotherhood or had cankles like hilLIARy, she might not be interested

  • Darknut

    Wow people get doxxing people and printing the doxxing. “We’re just reporting the doxxing took place” then you post it in your article. Alisha, you’re a piece of shit.