With the battle over the ever rising national debt seemingly lost in the wake of the President’s last minute turncoat deal with the Democratic leadership. Rogue GOP Senator Rand Paul has turned his attention back on a familiar topic. The never ending Middle-Eastern wars this nation has been engaged in for over 15 years now. His latest tactic? Threatening the upcoming passage of a $700 billion dollar defense spending bill, unless a vote is first taken on amending the AUMF with the hopes of formally removing the authorizations for both wars. Arguing that the least Congress should do before throwing ever more cash into the endless money-sinks that are these foreign wars.  Is debate formally for the first time in 16 years whether we should even still be involved in them to begin with. 

With this in mind, Rand once again took to the center of the Senate floor, with no intention of leaving the space until he was heard. Standing defiantly for many hours, all the while holding up the planned war spending bill vote. During this period the Senator occasionally took to twitter to share with American’s the reasons for his actions.

His disgust at members of both parties and their respective Globalist or NeoCon backed Pro-War agendas started to come out more directly as the night continued on.

While at first a frustrated Senate leadership attempted to work around Mr. Paul. McConnell and friends eventually conceded just enough to get the Senator to stand down after holding the floor for many hours. While it remains to be seen if a formal vote on ending military authorization will occur. Anything that reminds the American people that 16 years later our troops our still facing danger in both these nations for little to no reason is important. In fact Afghanistan, has been for some time now the longest war in U.S. history. With three Presidents sending troops into the still broken nation. Only just recently even our current Commander in Chief ordered an additional 3,5000 soldiers in. As if another few thousand troops will somehow accomplish what tens of thousands haven’t for the past 16 years now.

While Rand and his supporters do understand that even if a vote occurred it is almost inconceivable the Senate would move to formally end the wars. As too many Senators in both parties are in the pockets of Corporatist Military Industrial Complex interests. They also get that just forcing such a symbolic vote would still be a major victory in spirit. It would also help make the lines far clearer in terms of who the real enemies of liberty and peace in the halls of Congress really are. Something that might come quite in handy by Election Night 2018.

For a longer explanation of exactly why Rand remains against the continuation of the two wars in the Middle East, and what his amendment is proposing to do. Please look here for his own words on the matter.  In the mean time please share your thoughts on the topic in the comments below or on the Squawker FB at https://www.facebook.com/squawkermedia/