Two Boston Doctors Murdered by Immigrant: Media Ignores Story

two boston doctors murdered

Two Boston doctors murdered by African immigrant Bampumim Teixeira in South Boston is being ignored. He is an immigrant from Cape Verde and has been there for less than a decade.

Bampumim Teixeira moved to this nation to be with his aunt, but apparently, they didn’t get along. He then decided to become a vagrant who robbed banks to keep up his vagrant lifestyle. The two Boston doctors murdered by this man were victims of a failed system.

Teixeira was on the Mass Most Wanted list 2014 because of a bank robbery where he threatened to murder people.

He maintained employment over the years.

You cannot be deported if you are on a green card unless you receive a jail sentence of one year or longer. And two armed bank robberies should obviously merit more than one year in jail.

Luckily for Bampumim, his case was heard by a recent Deval Patrick appointed judge named Lisa A. Grant. Judge Grant is woefully under-qualified for her position. She has spent her entire career as a criminal defense attorney which means she’s almost always going to side with the criminals. Before being appointed she was serving as the managing director at the Committee for Public Counsel Services. In other words, she helped out asshole criminals like Bampumim at the expense of the taxpayers.

Lisa Grant is responsible for the death of the two doctors.

She sentenced him to 364 days for the second robbery. Preventing intervention by the Department of Homeland Security.

If anything has ever looked intentional, it was this particular sentence. She knew exactly what the sentence meant. She spent her entire career as a defense attorney. Grant knows the law.

The disgusting murders occurred at an apartment complex in the south of Boston where the murderer used to work for the security firm.

Boston police responded to a call and discovered the suspect in the vicinity of the doctors who had undergone an “obvious trauma.”

After a shootout injuring the suspect, the Boston PD discovered a backpack full of jewelry. It was a robbery gone bad.

Judge Michael Bolden ordered Teixeira held without bail, a ruling that Steven J. Sack, Teixeira’s court-appointed defense attorney did not challenge.

This is why President Trump is battling the lax immigration policies of his predecessor.

It’s costing American citizens lives.

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