Squawker Media Files Freedom of Information Act Request For Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock’s Department of Defense Employment Records


With every bit of new information coming to light regarding the Las Vegas tragedy seemingly only adding to the many mysteries related to the case. We here at Squawker Media have taken the step of trying to address at least one of these seeming gaps in the official story. In this case, the fact that our alleged shooter had a Government job history stretching back for over a decade. As touched upon in a prior Vegas update, Mr. Paddock has been confirmed to have a lengthy history of official Federal Government jobs. Starting out with the U.S. Postal Service, before jumping to the Internal Revenue Service, and then finally the Defense Contract Audit Agency which is actually a subsection of the Department of Defense.

Late last night Squawker Media officially filed a Freedom of Information Act request for more information regarding Mr. Paddock’s time working for the Federal Government. As thus far the Department of Defense has not chosen to voluntarily offer up to the public any records regarding Paddock they have in their possession. Our formal request can be seen here below.

We hope soon to be able to share with you any information we receive back from this request. As American’s, we have the right to know all the information our own Government has regarding this man who they employed, and also has seemingly now committed the worst mass shooting in our nation’s history. We are especially interested in sharing with you all, the full records relating to the complete background check Mr. Paddock should have underwent before being employed by the Department of Defense. We hope these files and others will be released to the public soon. After all, only if for some reason Paddock’s time as a Government employee didn’t actually end where the official record states, would there be any valid reason for these documents to remain confidential and not part of the public record.

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