From the same team that revealed a CNN producer admitting they were faking the Russia hacking story now comes a startling take down of the New York Times. A new video which you can see here below revealing just how unethical and biased the paper has truly become. With a lead editor revealing among other things the paper’s purpose is not to be objective, and that there is a standing policy to only push Anti-Trump headlines on the front page.

The subject of the video Nick Dudich, current audience strategy editor for the New York Times has quite the background. Working for both the Obama and Clinton campaigns in his past, and now handling a wide variety of work for the Times. In fact he claims that his, “voice is on… my imprint is on every video we do.”

At one point the NYT editor even suddenly claims to be the legal godson of James Comey. Claiming him to be a close personal friend of his parents. He even proudly boasts that his bosses at the Times don’t know of this connection, and that technically under their own ethics guidelines he shouldn’t have been allowed to work on any stories related to him. While Dudich’s own father has since denied the connection claiming he was “embellishing”, it certainly is a strange story to just make up for no reason.

That wasn’t the only strange claim made by Mr. Dudich however as he also revealed his former connections to extremist leftist group AntiFa. Even going so far as to show off his alleged “battle scars” which he received from punching Neo-Nazis. More importantly he claims to have only joined the organization upon request of the FBI. Stating he served as an intelligence asset, gathering information about the group for Federal law enforcement. He also did confirm that even by his own liberal standards the group certainly should be classified as a Domestic Terrorist organization.

Regardless of the truth behind the Comey and Antifa claims. The video raises a number of questions regarding the inner workings at the Times and the type of reporters they have on staff. With even the President calling out the paper for its obvious liberal bias in the past, this revealing video surely only adds weight to the concept that the New York Times is the leading example of mainstream fake news in America.

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