“Just because Hilary Clinton lost the last election doesn’t mean we should forgive conduct that is likely criminal”

“The trail leads I believe also back to Barack Obama, we need to investigate all of this.”

“My Legislation calls for a special counsel to investigate the real crimes, harmful lies, and undermining of American security by the prior administration”   

While you would never know it by taking a quick glance at the nightly news, Trump is not the only figure under scrutiny in our nation’s capital. A few brave members of the GOP have seemingly remembered which party they belong to and decided to turn the spotlights back on the real criminal wrongdoings. In a move that has taken Democrat’s off guard, members of the House Judiciary Committee this past week passed a vote opening the door for serious investigations into a number of star figures on the left.  Including the likes of Loretta Lynch, Huma Abedin, James Comey, and even both Clinton and Obama themselves.

The quotes in bold above were all spoken by members of this committee just before the vote was taken. Since it is unlikely CNN will ever air these soundbites anytime soon, here are a few highlight moments from the proceedings.  First up is a particularly fiery speech given by the rising star representative Matt Gaetz of Florida.

Matt was not alone in these sentiments however. Representative Steve King of Iowa spoke after, and opted to take things even farther by openly linking the prior administration with notorious billionaire globalist George Soros.

While it remains to be seen if anything substantive will come from these efforts, it’s good to know that at least a few people in Washington are still working to lock up the real criminals. Regardless of the outcome of these investigations it’s important to remember the names of the officials who kept fighting the good fight, and those that opted instead to throw in with the enemy.