Maxine Waters is once again making mainstream news headlines this morning with the announcement that she will be delivering her own personal response to the President’s State of the Union address. Not the official Democratic response mind you, which will be delivered by Representative Joe Kennedy. But rather Waters will be following the example of Bernie Sanders and going rogue, planning to speak directly to her own portion of the party by appearing live on BET shortly after the Presidents speech ends. 

While it’s not unreasonable to wonder if BET will need to drop the “entertainment” part of their name after allowing valuable airtime be given up to Mrs. Waters droning on about Trump. That concern is seemingly not enough to stop the network from allowing the ambitious congresswoman from using them as a platform to push forward her grand plans. Plans that oddly enough don’t seem to have the best interests of BET’s Black audience in mind.

Just as with most of her fellow politicians, it’s what Waters says in private not public that truly reveals her intent. Case in point a newly leaked letter from Mrs. Waters directed to the Chief Operating office of OneUnited Bank in Los Angeles. A letter which among other revelations reveals the Congresswoman’s plans to bring another 41 thousand Somali refugees into the 43rd district she represents by 2020. 


One of the most telling features of the letter is that it reveals that Waters is quite aware the citizens of her district would be quite unpleased if they were actually made aware of her plans. Which is why she so kindly asks that OneUnited Bank keep this secretive project on the down-low, until after this years November elections are over. 

Please keep in mind that the largely poor black residents she represents have every reason to oppose such a plan. What her gang ridden district needs more then ever are steady and decent paying jobs. What Maxine is offering them is a plan that will flood the area with cheap immigrant labor thus ensuring that that even more of its resident will be forced to start sustaining themselves via government welfare programs. 

Of course one might argue this is exactly what Maxine and most of her fellow Democrats want. As it’s a well known fact that those who begin living off the government dole tend to stay lifelong Democrats, as they become increasingly reliant on the continued expansion of the welfare state. 

The revelations don’t stop just at refugee’s however. With the letter also dropping the bombshell that Maxine is indeed gunning for the illustrious Speaker of the House position. A concept which will leave many on the Right having to come to terms with the idea that their could indeed be someone worse for the job then Nancy Pelosi. A truly frightening scenario indeed. 

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