Crude Sex and Abortion ‘Jokes’: Female comedian Totally Fails at 2018 Correspondents Dinner


The annual White House correspondent’s dinner was held last night, and as expected it was absolutely cringe-worthy because the media is like an exclusive club that thinks things are funny when they aren’t. Filled with anti-Trump rhetoric(of course) sexual ‘humor’, even circumcision and abortion jokes. These are typically filled with a good amount of cutting jibes and jokes that push the boundaries of what is considered acceptable so some amount of edginess is standard. The Al Franken bit from 96 about Monica’s dress stands out as an example. The level of vitriol though was surprising. The line coming from many media figures and blue check-marked twitter figures is essentially that ‘people need to learn to take a joke.’ Some people just don’t know when to quit while they’re behind.

Trump for the second year in a row wisely chose not to attend. Which after all, what is the point of spending an entire evening being attacked on tv when you could be getting something done? He instead opted to host a huge rally in Washington Township, Michigan. He spent the evening speaking to supporters about jobs, tax cuts, low unemployment, and of course the issue of the border. “I’d much rather be in Washington, Michigan than Washington D.C.,” he said, to a cheering crowd. After watching the dinner its hard to blame him.

Traditionally the correspondent’s dinner has acted as a sort of pressure release valve between the press and the serving administration. Everyone is working 364 days a year covering the goings on in the government and this is meant to be a day where things can be light-hearted and friendly.  But those days seem like they’re long behind us. At least for the foreseeable future. The next time we have a democratic administration I’m sure we’ll be treated to a saccharine sweet praise fest the way we were when Obama first took office. Another function of the event is as a show of good faith between the media and the public. It doesn’t appear that they did much to advance the cause of journalism here though.

Watch the speech delivered by Michelle Wolf last night. I’m not sure if she is related to Rachel Dolezal, the white woman live action role-playing as a black woman. Or perhaps is Carrot Top mid-transition. Either way, this is what passes for humor today:

We live in a society that the appearance of sameness in the name of diversity is the only thing that matters. If you aren’t in the blue check mark crowd then you aren’t anyone. The way you get there is by towing the politically correct line. If you take a step outside of what liberals find acceptable you will be shamed. Case in point Kanye West lost several million followers immediately after stating his admiration for the president.

Partisan comedy has become more and more of a constant feature of modern American discourse. One only has to turn on a tv, check their twitter feed, or open a magazine. Doing so you will be greeted with a mind-numbing stream of condescending liberal self-congratulating, rent-seeking, and personal attacks on conservatives. After watching last night debacle its pretty clear that things are going to get a whole lot worse before they start to get any better.