The legendary media executive, Steve Bannon, has recently been terminated from his position as White House Chief Strategist, a newly created position in the Trump Administration since the 2016 election cycle. Bannon has a history of stirring controversy, notably through his news outlet Breitbart, a platform that has received copious amounts of unfair treatment by the mainstream media. Bannon has often been labeled by critics as “anti-Semitic,” “xenophobic,” and flat-out “racist,” due to his nationalist approach to economics and social issues.

As Bannon leaves the White House, sources indicate that he is immediately returning to his executive chair at Breitbart News, where he will presumably have more influence in socio-political matters. Certainly, an angry Bannon will be a force to be reckoned with. 

However, the highlight of this event is not so much the resignation of Bannon, which was foreseeable due to the inevitable overreaction from Democratic politicians such as Nancy Pelosi (who is also advocating for the removal of Confederate monuments). Rather, what is the most peculiar component of this mess is the coverage provided by Huffington Post, a news outlet notorious for its often over-the-top progressive content

In white letters atop a photo of Steve Bannon reads the words: GOY, BYE! See the archived front page here.

The term “goy” is clearly an attempt by HuffPost to convey a memetic message to the internet. In memes, “goy” has become a sort of satirical slur in images depicting the Jewish elite speaking derogatively towards common Gentiles. In applying this term, however, HuffPost is asserting a rather curious notion: that they themselves are a Jewish voice speaking against non-Jewish peoples.

Huffington Post has taken the resignation of Steve Bannon and transformed it into a race war between Jews and whites, a case that is furthered by yet another racist headline, put up several hours after the first: 

Yes. Somebody at Huffington Post thought that the above two headlines would be a great idea to say “Goodbye” to the White House Chief Strategist. 

Who is behind this? Who would think that it is clever to refer to Bannon as a “goy”? None other than the one and only Lydia Polgreen. 

Polygreen is the editor-in-chief of HuffPost, and she is assumed to be responsible for the racially anti-white headlines regarding Bannon’s departure from his political chair. Twitter, of course, blew up regarding the headline. 

Huffington Post has undoubtedly been the dealer of progressivism, multiculturalism, and globalism in the past several years; yet, this treatment of such a prominent and prolific media figure is uncalled for and goes against the very principles they seek to hold the alt-right guilty for. Besides, who in the world uses the term “goy,” except for far-right neo-Nazis, edgy meme-lords, and scheming Jewish figures glaring at nationalism with glowing red eyes?

With Bannon returning to his executive position at Breitbart News, he will presumably exert more influence in matters of politics and social issues. Who knows? He may have intentionally been gathering information on particular political employees in order to expose the dark underworld of Washington.