What Wisconsin Just Did Might Turn It Republican Forever


In 2017, states are pushing for voter ID laws to prevent fraud. And they have the support of President Donald Trump, who just appointed a commission to investigate 2016 election fraud. A new law in the Wisconsin senate will require identification to vote in elections. This could cause a shift of 300,000 votes in favor of Republican candidates running for office.

Democrats have long objected to voter ID laws, calling them “racist.” This have proven an excellent way of shutting down those who support identification to prove who you are before you cast a ballot.

The rationale for implementing voter ID is pretty simple. Without it, fraud could develop. And we’ve already seen a lot of that uncovered in the 2016 election.

If you have to present identification for cigarettes, alcohol, and access to night clubs, why not try to protect the integrity of our voting system by implementing voter ID laws?

Democrats strongly oppose this bill for political reasons. They stand to lose a significant block of voters because of the law. Based on one estimate, upwards of 300,000 people in the state of Wisconsin could be turned away from the voting booth because they don’t have an ID.

Naturally, the mainstream media had a negative view of the bill and claimed it would disenfranchise minorities:

By one estimate, 300,000 eligible voters in the state lacked valid photo IDs heading into the election; it is unknown how many people did not vote because they didn’t have proper identification. But it is not hard to find the Navy veteran whose out-of-state driver’s license did not suffice, or the dying woman whose license had expired, or the recent graduate whose student ID was deficient — or Harris, who at 66 made her way to her polling place despite chronic lung disease and a torn ligament in her knee.

She had lost her driver’s license just before Election Day. Aware of the new law, she brought her Social Security and Medicare cards as well as a county-issued bus pass that displayed her photo.

Not good enough. She had to cast a provisional ballot that ended up not being counted.

Donald Trump announced in May that he appointed a commission to investigate voter fraud carried out in the 2016 election. So far, several states have found proof of fraud. These states include North Carolina and Nevada.