Woman Who Only Communicates Via Notes Drives to CIA Headquarters with a Loaded 9MM

Late Afternoon Friday, a woman in a white KIA Soul, pulled up to the front entrance of the CIA headquarters with a loaded Gun, $100,000 in cash, and a passport. 
According to an affidavit filed by CIA’s protective service, Beth Huth, 53, drove to the entrance in a White Kia Soul wearing a wig, and was apparently ‘disconnected from reality’. 
In the court sketch shared by NBCWashington’s News 4, It certainly looks like it.

In her first court appearance Tuesday, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, prosecutors apparently argued the woman suffers from mental health issues and is a flight risk. They stated that she had also previously fled the country when facing ‘unspecified’ criminal charges, and has an outstanding warrant for domestic violence from March of 2016. asdfrr

The strangest part about this whole story, other than the fact it is barely being talked about on any mainstream media outlets, is that she didn’t speak at all. When Huth was asked for a badge so she could enter the headquarters, she instead wrote him a note. According to Officer Michael Szczepanik, when asked if she had anything illegal in her car, she only nodded and reached for her purse. After the officer told her to keep her hands where he could see them, he asked her what she was searching for, and she simply wrote “GUN” on a piece of paper. 
After searching the handbag she was previously reaching for, Szczepanik wrote that he’d found a loaded 9mm pistol, along with directions from Ohio to “Langley, McLean, Virginia.”