Hillary Clinton is the woman half the country desperately wanted to be our President, and many still believe would have been a better option than our current Commander in Chief. She also happens to be physically unfit for the job, a fact that most on the Left were in denial about during the course of the 2016 campaign. We all remember that infamous video which surfaced showing the former First Lady nearly passing out in the street attempting to enter a parked van. Now though, new footage taken from her recent visit to India implies that Ms. Clinton’s health issues have only gotten worse. 

Does anyone really want someone who nearly falls twice simply trying to descend a flight of stairs as their President? Our leader needs to serve as an important figurehead of strength to the world. The fragile creature that Hillary has clearly become in recent years, achieving the opposite of this effect. When you consider that her continued worsening health problems have happened during her supposed retirement, its almost frightening to imagine what bad a state she would be in, had she been serving in the worlds most demanding job for the past year. The bottom line is this, whatever you think about Trump, at least he doesn’t need help to tackle a flight of stairs. A minimum characteristic that we should expect from anyone who claims to be worthy enough to lead us.

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