In possibly the biggest example yet that it’s the mainstream press and not the so called “fringe sites” who really produce the most actual fake news. New evidence has now come to light that the Washington Post’s now infamous hit piece on Judge Roy Moore might in fact be a complete fabrication, or at least a carefully planned exaggeration of the truth. This of course hasn’t stopped leading RINO elements of the GOP from calling for Moore’s head. As according to the likes of Mitt Romney, the American principle of innocent until proven guilty somehow doesn’t apply in politics.

The core problem of the Washington Post article is that it all relies on the narrative that while working on a simple story regarding Moore’s Senate campaign. A Post reporter suddenly became aware of the fact that allegedly almost 4 decades ago, Mr. Moore once sought relationships with a series of teenage girls. But how did this reporter suddenly become aware of this information? Information that for the previous 38 years no one had seemingly ever discussed or been aware of.

Allegations are apparently all you need to assume guilt in McCain’s world

Also worth considering is the fact the accusations revolve around 4 different women who all claim to have never met or even previously been aware of each other. So how did the Post reporter even suddenly become aware of these girls identities and manage to track them all down 4 decades later? Let alone convince them all to suddenly come out publicly about alleged crimes they had seemingly happily stayed quite about for 38 years.

If all the above isn’t inherently suspect enough for you on its own, take into consideration the fact that the moral character of the stories lead writers are certainly suspect as well. With author Stephanie McCrummen having a lengthy criminal record stretching over three states including being caught writing fake checks. Worse yet is the fact that new accusations are now claiming that the stories other lead writer Beth Reinhard, apparently was offering up $1000 in cash to any Alabaman women willing to accuse Roy Moore of sexual misconduct. This story coming from a U.S. naval veteran who claims the taped conversation is now with a local DA’s office.If money was really being offered up, all that this story would really need to find was someone who would jump at the opportunity to take down the GOP candidate. Which is why the most damning bit of evidence to the narrative is probably the background of one of the key accusers. Deborah Gibson is not only a proud progressive activist, she even has previously worked for the DNC as a sign langue interpreter. This includes interpreting for both Joe Biden and Hilary Clinton herself during the previous election cycle. It’s incredibly convenient the Washington Post didn’t think to mention that their accuser is an avowed liberal with ties to the DNC, and is even actively campaigning for Moore’s opponent Doug Jones. A neutral victim with nothing to gain from these accusations, Gibson is not. There is also the recent suggestion that the real puppet master behind the strings of this story is none other than Mitch McConnell. No friend to Moore or Trump for that matter, its now come to light that McConnell’s people had been spreading these allegations out long before the Washington Post story, hoping to hurt Moore’s election chances. Whether it was directly offered up to the Post by McConnell or they simply just caught wind of the story that his office had already been slowly seeding out into the world we may never know. But taking down Judge Roy Moore is certainly in the interests of both the left leaning Washington Post and anti-Trump GOP leader McConnell.


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