ACChain: All Your Blockchain Are Belong to Us

  • By the end of this month, China will have built an unhackable quantum network that connects Beijing and Shanghai.
  • China has the only ‘quantum’ satellite that in June successfully relayed a quantum signal between two cities – Russia has successfully tested a 51 qubit quantum computer. 

How far behind is a quantum internet?

  • China is considered the world leader in A.I. research and development.

A.I. technology has reached a point where singularity is on our doorstep … our lives are already being impacted.  

  • China owns most of the world, its debt, and its precious metals.
  • They are the undisputed world leader in Bitcoin mining and cryptocurrency trading. Their blockchain-based platform known as ACChain is designed to digitize physical assets and convert them into cryptocurrency. 

The digital age is upon us now, not decades from now.

The Jinan Project

Jinan, the city where this technology was developed, will be the new hub of the Beijing-Shanghai quantum network due to its strategic location between the two principal Chinese metropolises. 

By the end of this month upon its completion, it will be the world’s longest land-based quantum communications network, stretching over 2,000 km. 

“We plan to use the network for national defense, finance and other fields, and hope to spread it out as a pilot that if successful can be used across China and the whole world,” commented Zhou Fei, assistant director of the Jinan Institute of Quantum Technology. 

China Built and Launched a ‘Quantum Science Satellite’

In August of last year, China built and launched the world’s first quantum communication satellite into Earth’s orbit to test the fundamental laws of quantum mechanics in space.

By June of this year, Chinese scientists successfully sent quantum keys over a distance of 1,200 Km (745 miles) from space to Earth at a transmission rate up to 20 of magnitudes more efficient than that expected using an optical fiber of the same length. 

Image result for china quantum satellite

The Quantum Science Satellite, combined with the Jinan Project will be the world’s first transcontinental quantum key distribution network of its kind.

This puts them within months of developing a global quantum cryptography-based communications network – or simply put, a quantum internet.

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The reason they could do it so quickly is that people at the highest level of the Chinese government prioritized the project”, says Denis Simon of Duke Kunshan University, an expert on Chinese science policy. 

The exact same approach they have taken with artificial intelligence. 

China Leads the World in A.I. Research and Development

On July 20 of this year, China’s State Council issued the “Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan” that plans to transform their country into the world’s premier A.I. Innovation center by 2030. 

Having the year 2030 as a ‘realistic’ goal is somewhat misleading for most readers as they see that number and their imagination subconsciously leads them to the conclusion that we still have decades before artificial intelligence comes into play and that China still has work to do.

– China already is the global epicenter for the development of artificial intelligence. Most of the corporations heavily invested in its research are based in China. 

– A.I. technology already has evolved to the point that our world has begun its transition into the digital age. There is for example a robot that performs a 2 hour brain surgery procedure in under 3 minutes. 

Google’s DeepMind can self reproduce, cannot be destroyed, can write its own algorithms, its own music, create art, has invented new sounds, new theories, has developed a language only other A.I.’s can understand, and has recently begun downloading Starcraft II ladder matches. 

A.I. is behind the majority of stock trades, is infiltrating the cryptocurrency exchanges, has begun mass censoring the internet as your web browsing experience has become an echo chamber, and is now available to become your best friend in a new app called Replika

It learns to replicate you and become your perfect soul mate, thus digitizing your soul.

China Has Been Investing in Everything

Within their borders, Chinese firms have grown unfettered by competition, using their domestic financial strength to develop overseas operations.

In finance, for example, China’s four state-owned commercial banks operate in a domestic market in which foreign investors have been restricted to about 1 percent of the market. The four banks are now among the largest in the world and are expanding overseas.

China’s monopoly credit card company, Union Pay, is similarly a world leader based on its protected domestic market. 

America’s largest companies are now owned by the Chinese.

Major gold trading goes unreported – China being one of many who do not publish their official numbers, however it is estimated they have one of the largest stockpiles of gold on the planet. 

Although the dollar still remains the fiat paper king, the Yuan makes up nearly 100% of all bitcoin trading being conducted in China, which account for the global majority of all cryptocurrency trading

Image result for economist cover of 2018 bitcoinThe demise of fiat paper currency is imminent. Digital currency is looking to be the contender and will take its place. 

All Tangible Assets Must Be Digitized

A Blockchain based Chinese company known as ACChain has created a digital currency that represents physical assets.

To Learn More About What Blockchain is: Blockchain Technology is the Solution to Internet Censorship

FaceLikeTheSun does an amazing job digging in to this company, pointing out for example how a robotic arm (A.I.) sweeps away our versions of money and assets, ushering in a new era of digitalization. 

ACChain’s video shows each country having their own digital currency, being routed through ACChain’s centralized network. 

If China has been hoarding all of the gold and they decide to digitize it, what’s to say we don’t go back to the gold standard – with China issuing the nation’s their currency. 

A global digital quantum brain with A.I. at the helm nested within a Chinese supernode that oversees the flow of all trade and information.

“You will be the citizen (peerage) of digital kingdom after obtained the ‘registration chain’.” – DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)