Amazon’s close relationship with the American intelligence community is well documented. In fact back in 2014 our government paid the private company $600 million dollars to develop the cloud computing network that runs the web services for all 17 agencies that make up our intelligence network. When you consider the fact that no other company is more deeply involved with the DeepState aspects of our Government then Amazon. It starts to become a bit worrisome when that same company wants access to your physical home.

If you haven’t already heard, early this morning Amazon announced a new service called Amazon Key. Which will allow their couriers to unlock your front door and enter your home to deliver packages. For the privilege of letting a stranger into your home, you must also first by an Amazon smart lock and their new cloud cam, along with being an Amazon Prime member of course. Check it out for yourself in the video below.

There is reason though to be suspect of even more Amazon smart devices being let into your house. After all a series of recent WikiLeaks reveals have made it abundantly clear, that it’s safe to assume almost all your internet connected devices are capable of being turned against you by our intelligence agencies.

Early this year even a video went viral of Amazon’s personal assistant device Alexa, responding strangely when asked about the CIA. While the company later dismissed the occurrence as a simple bug, it’s hard to not wonder given that Amazon especially has such a close-knit relationship with the agency. 

This relationship between Government and a private company having gotten so strong in the last few years that even an increasing number of former CIA officials have begun speaking out against it. This includes Ray McGovern, who told the World Post, “what emerges now is what, in intelligence parlance, is called an ‘agent of influence’ owning the Post – with a huge financial interest in playing nice with the CIA. In other words, two main players nourishing the national security state in undisguised collaboration.”

The Post comment is in reference to the fact that just before Amazon was awarded their large CIA contract, it’s owner Jeff Bezos had purchased control of the left leaning newspaper the Washington Post. It’s this connection that forms the basis for why many believe the Post seems to have become the go to outlet for Anti-Trump DeepState leaks this past year. The sad reality is that we have unfortunately allowed a situation where Bezos has a huge monetary interest in ensuring that both Amazon and the Washington Post continue serving CIA and intelligence interests whatever those may be. 

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Taking all this together, it’s hard to not be a little concerned over the implications of Amazon Key technology. As it quite obviously allows for a scenario where government agents would both be alerted to when you are outside your home, and then simply able to electronically have the front door opened for them. No sign of forced entry necessary. Combine that with other creepy tech revelations from earlier this year. Like the fact that smart vacuums such as Roomba have secretly been mapping your house out for years now, and selling that floor plan out to companies such as Amazon, and its easy to picture how all of this power could be abused.

It’s quite amazing the eagerness in which many Americans have found towards welcoming these spy ready devices into their homes, despite WikiLeaks and other sources making it abundantly clear in the past year that almost all such devices have government back doors built in. Yet based on sales numbers we Americans continue to buy them at an ever increasing rate it seems. Given that once again it appears most Americans seem willing to give up their personal privacy and liberty in the name of convenience, I sadly predict many will jump at this new Amazon Key service as well. After all if they are already listening and watching, why not just invite them inside too.

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