• DARPA’s super soldier transhuman projects sound like pure science fiction, pouring money into research for example that controls how cells respond to time …

Nanoparticles that form an interior exoskeleton. 

  • Their Biological Control Program seeks to infiltrate and redesign populations of organisms, using embedded nanoparticle controllers comprised of biological parts. 

I am not entirely sure the general population is aware of DARPA’s biological research, which they openly display on their website. I am fairly certain without knowing anything about you, that you would not be kosher with how they are spending your tax money.

You can skew each of their programs to seem beneficial to society, but as a whole they paint a very clear and frightening picture.

Combining their transhuman projects forms soldiers that will have no physical, physiological, or cognitive limitation, and can be 3D printed in what are being called “living foundries“.

“…creating a biologically based manufacturing platform to provide rapid, scalable access to new materials with novel properties that can enable a new generation of mechanical, electrical, and optical products.”

Their bodies will house nanoparticles that will act as an “integrated-powered exoskeleton,” able to repair any physical damage, thwart disease, enhance DNA, adapt to any outside environment, even eliminate the effects of time.

Imagine soldiers that never need to sleep, require minimal sustenance, and have infrared vision with a built in internet database.

Your conscious self sees a limited view of your surroundings, but your brain sees and analyzes everything, evolving your subconscious to survive your environment.  

Imagine how technology can supplement that capability. 

They are researching how to upload human consciousness into AI computers. 

Related imageDARPA’s soldiers will have programmable personalities, capable of having data uploaded into their brains, exactly like “The Matrix”.

It does make you wonder though, is there a difference between consciousness and artificial intelligence?

If you had full access to your brain, would you be any different?

DARPA is Researching How to Reprogram You

Delving further into their nanoparticle research that required no effort to find, I came across their Biological Control program – a project that aims to control entire populations of organisms.

Such as humans.

NanobotsNanoparticles the size of DNA made up of biological parts that restructure molecules within your body.

“Examples include the manipulation of small molecules, such as transcription factors and riboswitches, to large proteins with multiple subunits, such as molecular motors and transmembrane receptors.”

DARPA is not only creating supersoldiers that can be mass printed, they are designing nanoparticles, a tiny robot you would never know entered your bloodstream, to then reprogram you into whatever they decided.

Such as a soldier … or possibly something that resembles the undead. 

We are funding this with our hard earned money. This is no conspiracy theory. They are openly developing this in front of our faces, displaying their work on their website for all to see.

Take a look for yourself