Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Questioned on Data Breach By European Parliment


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg met with members of the European Parliament in connection with the Cambridge analytic data breach. Mr. Zuckerberg had already met with US lawmakers back in April to discuss the same topic.

There has been a lot of criticism from MEP’s to Mark Zuckerberg during the forum about the format he chose. Damian Collins, chair of the UK Parliament’s Digital Culture Media and Sport Committee said “Unfortunately the format of questioning allowed Mr. Zuckerberg to cherry-pick his responses and not respond to each individual point,” and many other MEP’s shared the same sentiment.

Mr. Zuckerberg started the forum with an opening statement apologizing for the data breach. But without taking any responsibility on Facebook’s part of sharing data with other parties for financial gains. Instead, he talked about the need for more security personnel and limiting apps other than Facebook’s own to the amount of data from user’s accounts they can obtain. He also stated that Facebook was going to increase the amount of policing done by the company itself rather than relying on users to flag things considered to be wrong think. He also talked about foreign intervention, of course, referencing the ridiculous Russia collusion narrative that the 13 Russian companies that acquired Facebook users data somehow completely changed the course of an election.

There was also talk by a few MEP’s on the subject of Facebook’s monopoly and the responsibility that lies on Facebook as a result. And there was also questioning on Facebook’s data acquired from its own apps such as the WhatsApp. But because of the open format where multiple questions were given out at one time after a long speech giving Mr. Zuckerberg the ability to avoid answering these questions.

In my opinion though the worst part of the forum was that Mr. Zuckerberg did not take any responsibility financial gains from selling of user data to companies and other nefarious works. Despite the fact, that’s where we found out most of Facebook’s finances come from.

Another disturbing topic that emerged was that Mr. Zuckerberg discussed how Facebook plans to start strict policing of what they deem real and fake news and what they deem hate speech. Leaving the power of what information the public gets to see directly in their hands. Which comes back to the topic discussed by MEPs about Facebook’s monopoly and how it has a responsibility because of that.

Also, we found out from the questioning that Facebook is not going to become more transparent in order to make sure that their users know where the data is going. But instead, they are going to create more operations in the shadows where they will hide or amplify information to their own discretion which of course we know is going against anything center of right. This point was brought up by MEP Nigel Farage but of course, there was no answer from Mr. Zuckerberg other than his claim, which we all know to be false, that Facebook has always been entirely impartial.

This is, of course, is unsettling but it is in keeping with Facebook’s previous behavior of cooperating with globalists. As we found out from the hot mic recording of Mark Zuckerberg saying to German Chancellor Angela Merkel when asked what Facebook is doing stop anti-mass immigration sentiment on Facebook Mark replied we are working on it. So knowing this it should not be a shock to find out that Facebook is going to use the selling of users data by themselves as an excuse to police their own users more.