GAB is an ad-free blockchain based social media platform whose goal is to restore fundamental value in content creation – bringing power back to the people and out of the hands of the conglomerate of corporations that have consumed control over this planet.

These handful of corporations have begun to mass delete and demonetize any online information that conflicts with their agenda, building echo chambers around us. 

Only through transparency and the free flow of information can humanity truly prosper and grow.

“For the first time, we are witnessing a global harmonious fusion of labor and technology where the desire to spread the truth is emphasized greatly on a deeply philosophical and intellectual level.” (source)

Web 3.0 will be a decentralized, blockchain-based, radically transparent, people-powered Internet infrastructure.

GAB is helping to make that a reality.

Mass Internet Censorship is Real

By now most of you have become aware of the mass implementation of internet censorship being waged against any who go against the agenda of the oligarchy of corporations that have tendrilled their way into control over our lives.  

A 30-page think-tank report, entitled “How to Break Free From Internet Censorship Now”, concludes that: 

“humanity is directly confronted with… mass censorship, which was already quietly rolled out in full force by globalist mega-corporations… That rollout was completed while the mainstream establishment media… distracted with superficial stories of artificially divisive politics, while suppressing any mention of the fact of censorship.”

The report calls “for the general public… abandoning the online platforms of self-appointed censors, and switching to free and fair service providers”, with this dire warning:

“If humanity does not collectively send the strongest possible message to censoring mega-corporations now, then it will quickly and perhaps permanently lose all human rights to individually communicate any meaningful messages to each other.”

GAB is that message.

What is GAB?

GAB is an uncensored ad-free blockchain-based social media platform that incentivises each user to create meaningful content.

No central server controls the information, and the middleman (advertiser) is no longer necessary. 

In their own words

GAB stands for bringing folks together of all races, religions, and creeds who share in the common ideals of Western values, individual liberty, and the free exchange and flow of information. The rise of nationalism, populism, and patriotism around the world is in response to the failed policies of the globalist agenda. The working class of the modern world has been left behind in exchange for profits of the corporate oligopoly. The People have been left to squander in the false promises of multi-cultural clashes of values, core beliefs, and rule of law.

This is a time when patriots around the globe are rising to defend the liberty, freedom, and values that they cherish. 

A few of the many features include: (source)

  • Quote replies allow Gabbers to respond with GIF’s, links, and images.
  • A new profile design to discover and explore.
  • Private Chat Rooms for up to 50 people.
  • GabTV- our live streaming video and audio product.
  • Live Topic categories with breaking news and conversation starter topics.
  • Create user lists of your favorite Gabbers.
  • Bookmark your favorite Gabs to save for later.
  • Gab’s Android app is in the Google Play Store.
  • A thriving, growing community and customer base (215k+).

GAB’s Cryptocurrency:

As Andrew Torba has emphasized in multiple interviews, their intentions with their ICO is to aid in the development of a people based ecosystem where free speech is protected.

We as users will be able to earn currency:

… in a number of different ways including through the receipt of tips from other users, subscription fees for providing exclusive content, selling merchandise, and creating high quality content that people enjoy.

In order to avoid having the GAB coin swallowed by a handful of egocentric whales (roughly 200 investors), who care only about their self interests, Torba has indicated he would possibly give away half of the initial launch to current active user base as a reward.

The other half to the open market, aiding in market growth and website development.

Their whitepaper is set to be released this fall.

The empire of venture capitalism is crumbling. 

It’s time to let the likes of Twitter die and Gab take over. 

Get on board the blockchain!

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