Over 5 years ago for better or for worse Tinder completely changed the modern dating scene. The app which has been heralded as leading to a modern sexual revolution, changed the industry and spawned imitators of all types. Its ease of use and simplicity being seen as the key reasons for its early breakout success. This simplicity stemming from its picture based nature, and the fact that it tends to boil a profile down to only one factor. Perceived hotness.

It’s this streamlining of people down to only their base physical beauty, which has led the app to inadvertently reveal what some are already calling America’s inherent racist tendencies. Putting aside for a moment the silly SJW nonsense argument that not finding someone of a certain skin color attractive makes you “racist”. Let’s take a look at the actual data Tinder and similar sites have collected on user preferences over the last few years. Because the results are truly fascinating indeed.

For example what would you guess are the two least popular categories of people to date for Americans?  Asian Men and Black Women apparently, who were overwhelmingly swiped “left” when compared to their other male and female counterparts respectively. This is a consistent snubbing too, with Asian Men and Black Woman proving the least preferred option on a wide variety of platforms from Tinder to OkCupid.  Black Women in particular are unloved, being rated the least desirable by all categories of men, including even perhaps surprisingly Black men.

Who then was the most popular choice? Amazingly white men scored the highest overall ratings. With only Black women not choosing them as their top pick, instead placing just behind Black men as a close second. This overall popularity of white men, all the more impressive given the fact in general the data supports people looking slightly more kindly towards their own race. With for example Asian women not rating Asian men quite as poorly as everyone else. In fact the only group that doesn’t seem to face some type serious discrimination from any other was white males. This isn’t to say it’s all bad news for non-whites though.  With Asian and Latin women actually being rated the highest overall on the female side of things. White women were not far behind though just not quite as sought after as their male counterparts.

One of the strangest phenomena is that while Asian women were the most popular choice among Black, Latino and White men. The only category they didn’t win over was their fellow Asians.  Asian men apparently preferring Latino women above all else oddly enough.  You can see some of the data breakdowns yourself in image below.

While at the end of the day all this data should reveal is that people tend to find White men and Asian women attractive more often than not. Predictably of course, the Social Justice brigade has been out in full force arguing this data proves their never ending “everyone is a racist” narrative. A perfect SJW society of course, being one where physical characteristics shouldn’t matter at all in terms of who we choose to partner ourselves with. Only when everyone finds a Transgender OmniSexual Obese Multi-Racial Mutant on Tinder sexy will these people ever really be satisfied.  And even then I think we all know they will find something else to get outraged by.


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