While many believe that the Age of Automation in which the human workforce will be replaced with machines is still several years away, it is in fact happening now. 

The most effective solution to this job loss is a universal basic income. This can easily be achieved through the control of your own personal data – the same data that corporations make billions per year from

Streamr tokenizes our data in real time to enable a new way for machines and humans to trade and coexist on a decentralized P2P network. 

“Everybody has the potential to have commercial value.”

– Brian Wassom, a partner at international business law firm Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP. 

Wassom writes often on a legal term known as the right of publicity, which involves the right of an individual to control the commercial exploitation of his or her personal identity.

The Age of Machines Has Begun

We now stand upon the precipice of the digital age as the transition within our workforce from human to machine has already begun. No one has job safety:

  • Autonomous robots plant, tend, and harvest entire crops of barley.
  • A robot peformed a brain surgery procedure that takes our best human surgeon 2 hours to complete in 2.5 minutes. A.I. can predict heart attacks and strokes more accurately than doctors.
  • A.I. is being fed police data in order to predict future crime, performing a crime analyst’s job in seconds.
  • Robot writers that can interpret data and generate stories have begun replacing human journalists. A.I. can create entire fake YouTube videos with ease based solely off of a still image and an audio clip.
  • A.I. is inventing sounds we have never heard, new forms of art, music, new knowledge and theories.
  • A.I now exists within our virtual personal assistants, video games, smart cars – is used in purchase prediction, fraud protection, online customer support, security surveillance, smart home devices, … Each new iphoneX will have its own unique A.I. neural engine, able to perform functions such as facial recognition. By this time next year, you will see people who are friends with their phones. 

The University of Oxford in 2013 predicted that nearly half of U.S. jobs will be swallowed up by automation over the next 20 years. I’d argue that number is drastically inflated.

There are some who believe that with this massive job loss will somehow come job creation, such as in computer programming and machine maintenance.

Machine learning software is already creating its own machine learning software. 

The solution to a peaceful coexistence between human and machine will be universal basic income. What better way to achieve this, than through the control of our own personal data.

Control Your Data, Control Your Income

Your personal information is now one the world’s most valuable commodities. 

“Data is clearly the new oil,” says Jonathan Taplin, director emeritus of the USC Annenberg Innovation Lab. 

As of now 5 major corporations control the flow of ‘big data’, cutting us out of the loop and reaping all of the profits.

This is why blockchain technology is becoming so revolutionary, and for those unfamiliar with the term, I highly suggest spending an evening researching the topic. No one really knew what the internet was twenty years ago, just as very few today have heard of blockchain.

For those of us strapped in to the roller coaster of crypto-currencies, each day has become an adventure to seek out real value and quality projects through the ever growing muck of scams and get rick quick schemes. 

Streamr is one of those blockchain projects that will change our infrastructure, restoring full control and privacy of our data with the added bonus of being able to monetize.

Your data is yours to use as you see fit. It exists on a decentralized peer-to-peer network controlled by no one. 

To incentivize user participation in the network, there’s a built-in mechanism for data monetization through the DATAcoin (DATA). Valuable data from security exchanges, connected devices, IoT sensors, and social media can be offered to companies, developers, and private citizens. Network nodes also earn DATAcoin in exchange for the bandwidth and validation that they provide.

The Streamr network uses the underlying Ethereum network to establish consensus for node coordination in the P2P network.

Machines and humans can autonomously sell their data, get paid, and purchase the data they require.

Streamr provides a visual editor, wrappers, and templates so that even non-experts can create and secure smart contracts and Ðapps to reliable data sources.

You do not need to know how to code.

“… we want to be the place to go for anyone who’s in the business of creating data-driven decentralized services.” – Streamr

You can access their whitepaper here to find out more. 

In Summary

There is a power struggle taking place between monolithic corporations, central banks, and individual citizens. While blockchain technology certainly offers a decentralized future, it is solely up to us, the individual citizens, to become educated and invest where we will all ultimately benefit as a species.

Centralized powers could care less, they can survive on machines.