There is something surreal about the deepest parts of the internet. When one is submersed in the dark recesses of cyberspace, the horrors promulgated by the filthiest eyesores of humanity are revealed, and dear God is it awful. 

I’m referring, of course, to the 4chan Cup.

A Qualifer match between /pol/ and /cm/ was held on October 14, 2017.

The 4chan Cup is a soccer (or football, if you’re non-American) tournament that takes place twice per year, with the “elite tier” playing in the game’s Summer and Winter seasons (the primary series of the 4chan Cup), and the “babby” tier playing in the Spring and Autumn seasons to compete for promotions into the elite tier. The teams represents the various 4chan boards, which play against each other.

Yes, that is a Dodge Challenger playing soccer (an ode to Charlottesville).

The game is managed since its inception by the “4Chan Cup Committee,” (4CCC) which is effectively a council chosen by the committee’s current commissioner, Lear (the former manager of /w/). 

The games themselves are played via the Japanese title Pro Evolution Soccerproduced by Konami. The character-avatars, representing the players on the soccer-field, have been quite ludicrous, with some playing as a Dodge Challenger (in reference to the Charlottesville incident), the Stormfront logo (in memory of the fallen white nationalist website), and a racist depiction of a black man labeledDINDU.” 

Note: The 4chan Cup involves a lot of memes.

More detailed information can be found at the Rigged Wikiwhich is the community’s hub and database for newcomers. The website hosts detailed information about featured players and teams. 

Each tournament is livestreamed at Smashcast, which is currently – as of October 14, 2017 – holding qualifier matches. A built-in chat system is available for viewers to communicate with each other, and there is a multitude of memes to be found scurrying up the screen as fans support or decry their favorite or most hated teams. 

Is this the pinnacle of human evolution? Does the 4chan Cup embody the essence of sport? Will this simulated soccer game someday be showcased on ESPN (why the hell not? League of Legends gets showcased on there)? The 4chan Cup, as the pinnacle achievement of human evolution, marks a milestone in mankind’s development, and its legacy will doubtless live on for decades to come. 

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