Last Friday I reported that free speech focused social media company Gab Inc. had launched a formal lawsuit against Google. You can read the details regarding that lawsuit here. Since then a new turn of events has taken place over the weekend. With Gab’s domain registrar having suddenly informed the company they have 5 days to transfer their domain or they will seize it.

The timing of this event certainly not going unnoticed by the company.

With Gab already deep in the midst of preparing for their David Vs. Goliath style legal battle with Google. This latest turn is not coming at an ideal time for the company. While it is unlikely we will ever know if Google was at all directly involved in Gab’s domain being threatened. Even the official reason claimed in the letter is disturbing all on its own implications. Claiming the platform, which merely allows a space for others to practice free speech online. Is in violation of Australian discrimination laws.

If we continue to let companies, from the giants like Google to smaller players like Asia Registry, dictate what is acceptable speech online. Soon we will have an internet whether the only actual open and free discourse is occurring in the seediest illicit corners of the DarkWeb. This is why we must speak up against such policies now. As free communication having to go underground is never a sign of a healthy civilization. 

In the mean time if you want to help, Gab suggests reaching out to Asia Registry and let them know your feelings on the matter. You can do this right here. If you would rather directly support Gab’s fight for free speech versus the likes of Google, you can also donate to their legal fund here.