The mass acceptance of Bitcoin continues as a new cryptocurrency application Welto has just integrated with Coinbase, now allowing users to pay ANY of their bills with Bitcoin or Ethereum up to $300 in real time with no exchange into fiat necessary. 

Remember that article I wrote of Amazon accepting Bitcoin by October?

Welto can be installed on Amazon’s Alexa, as well as on your smartphone! 

This could be a possible move by the corporate giant in the direction of fulfilling that prediction. 

Through Coinbase, Welto will allow you to pay any of your bills ranging within the $5 to $300 range with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and soon to be many more altcoins. 

Best of all, you do not have to worry about exchanging your cryptocurrency into the fiat money necessary to pay the bill. Welto takes care of that, automatically converting your cryptocurrency balance to a base currency and displaying the amount you own.

You will be able to schedule and track your monthly payments, which are processed immediately with no delay of 3 to 5 business days. Once processed, you will receive confirmation.  

You can even connect your Bitcoin, Ether or other cryptocurrency accounts, regardless of which exchange they are attached to.

If a customer doesn’t have Coinbase-wallet, we allow pay from another wallet with Coinbase-friendly QRcode.”

“We are building the system that will allow our customers to spend their cryptocurrency on real goods and services wherever they want. We started from the US market and are planning to extend our service and application worldwide. As of now we are providing our users with the ability to pay their bills directly with cryptocurrency.”

“We also integrated with CoinPayments to allow pay with altcoins. We implemented paying bills with Ethereum (ETH) and continue working on adding other altcoins. Next in order: ZenCash (ZEN), Crown (CRW), Ethereum Classic (ETC). Integration to be continued…”

Welto press release

They offer a video tutorial page that makes it very easy to use their application and troubleshoot just about anything. 

Yet another example of Bitcoin’s rampage towards global currency dominance and mainstream adoption. 

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