Facebook Dating: It’s ‘Tinder’ for Baby Boomers


Facebook’s global developer community met in San Jose, on Tuesday, undoubtedly eager to hear about some new developments that could possibly serve to turn around the social media giant’s recent skid.  In the midst of dealing with being on the hot seat for being an unwitting accomplice in the Trump campaign’s Facebook data mining operation, Mark Zuckerberg and the team needed a game-changing idea, perfectly timed, in order to misdirect some of the media hatred recently being slung their way.

A Stroke of… Genius?

Well, among several new ideas to be revealed in the developers’ meeting, Mark Zuckerberg unleashed the greatest yet: A Facebook dating app.  I’ll wait for you to gather what’s left of your blown mind…

It makes sense that the certified experts in fooling people into revealing just about every single private detail about themselves would set their sights on getting into the online dating industry.  Especially when you consider the success Tinder has had with utilizing personal information gathered by Facebook.  However, taking a look at the evolving demographics of Facebook users, Zuckerberg and company may need to optimize their new app for their fastest growing age group, the Baby Boomer generation.

Average User Age Climbing

According to an ISL report from last year, Facebook has seen some drastic changes in the average age of users, between 2014 and 2017.  Here is the basic breakdown:

  • Age 13-17: -40.8% growth
  • Age 18-24: -14.3% growth
  • Age 25-34: +15.9% growth
  • Age 35-54: +19.6% growth
  • Age 55+:   +46.4% growth

Another research firm is projecting that Facebook will lose up to three million users, who are under 25 years of age, by the end of this year, while their largest expected area of growth will be with the 65+ crowd.

Tinder Has Officially Been Put on Notice!

Look out Tinder! Facebook is going to mount a heck of a challenge to your dating app supremacy… one Boomer at a time!  Our parents and grandparents, who are single and ready to mingle, will have a user-friendly option for finding that next hookup, life partner, or bingo date, that they’ve been missing in their lives.  Who knows?  Maybe Facebook’s geriatric-dominated dating app will become so popular among older users, that those same parents and grandparents will begin to help Facebook poach some of Tinder’s younger crowd.

All jokes aside, Facebook is simply doing what all businesses do.  They are expanding their services and adding new ones, in an attempt to grab a piece of a pie they previously did not have access to.  To be successful, they will need to offer something different, setting themselves apart from the other dating apps.  At the same time, there is a very clear business model in place over at Tinder.  They are the masters of facilitating the hookup.  To win over those customers, Facebook will need to do more than just simply match individuals based on hobbies and interests.  Those Baby Boomers will need to prove that Facebook’s app delivers the “goods,” the next time you’re looking for that timely, nearby hookup!