According to Australian-German social media editor Jared Reed, American right-wing activists are “interfering” with the 2017 German election. On a DN News broadcast on September 24, 2017, Reed claimed that although Germany had been worried about the Kremlin infiltrating and influencing the outcome of the 2017 election cycle, the promulgators of influencing the election’s outcome are actually American-based 4chan users.

“4chan is a forum that that’s sort of a haven for conspiracy theorists and people with more extreme views.”

A particular thread on 4chan, examined by the news outlet, is “dedicated to boosting the far-right ‘Alternative for Germany Party.” Interestingly, the only “influence” that Reed pointed to during his segment was an anonymous user’s posting of various links to subjects regarding how to create fake profiles, infiltrate other parties, and donate money directly to the Alternative for Germany Party. 

Watch the video: 

But is this an actual case of interfering in a foreign election? There is no direct obstruction of the German electoral results; in fact, there is nothing more than an anonymous internet user posting his support for a political cause on an internet forum. 

The accusations of political interference are entirely unfounded. It is almost as if German liberals have forgotten what “political interference” is. There is nothing illegal about an American person supporting a foreign cause. But, because of the media’s inability to sustain the Russian hacking narrative, it is possible that the scopes of the mainstream will be shifted to the anonymous message board, which has more than once proved itself to be a formidable force to reckon with. 

In throwing accusations at what the internet has broadly termed “weaponized autism,” is the German media throwing shade at a force beyond its control? As the narrative continues, only time will tell.