Out of the many European countries suffering from the enormous wave of immigration from African and Middle Eastern countries, Poland has been one of the most resistant and least effected. 

When asked about the European Union’s plan to resettle refugees across the continent, a Polish pensioner stated, “We don’t want terrorists here. Have you seen what they’re doing in the west?” 

According to The Guardian, Poland’s views towards refugees and immigration are among the most negative. “People just don’t want immigrants here,” one senior Civic Platform politician says. “They don’t understand them, they don’t like them, and believe that their maintenance is too expensive.”

As a result, the government has consistently protested against EU allocations for refugee quotas, which suggest that next year Poland should take about 1,000.

On November 17, 2017, a video was uploaded to YouTube depicting a shirtless African migrant blocking the path of a running car in the middle of a Polish roadway. The migrant placed his hand on the hood of the car in an arrogant manner, presuming that no harm would come to him, before two indigenous Polish citizens emerged from the vehicle. The driver punched the migrant in the face, knocking the migrant out cold before the passenger kicked him in the side. 

Watch the video:

Was such a violent reaction justified? For those who support both property rights and castle laws, the event depicted above is a laudable defense of individual liberty. But could the situation have been solved without violence? Perhaps the vehicle could have reversed and found another path to their destination; however, admittedly, such an alternative would not be nearly so pleasurable (guiltily so) to watch. 

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