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Multiculturalism has reared its ugly face once more, this time in Canada. VertigoPolitix, a YouTube channel concerned primarily with the globalist hijacking of Europe, recently published a video wherein a billboard funded by the city of Saskatoon depicts the image of a white man, captioned: “… I have to acknowledge my own privilege and racist attitudes.”

The influx of minorities into Western countries has stoked the liberal fires of identity politics, intentionally targeting the white populace in Europe and the Americas. It is not enough for a country to allow immigration (without assimilation); no, countries where the majority of its citizens are white must feel shame and guilt for a factor that they are unable to control: their whiteness. “White” is now synonymous with “privileged” and “guilty,” not on the basis of an individual’s actions and ideas, but instead on the basis of skewed sociological narratives fueled by Sociology professors. Thus begins a type of race war, often non-violent, but at times escalating to extremely physical manifestations.

Being white, affluent, cisgender, and/or heterosexual is not something to be ashamed of, despite the common insistence otherwise by radical post-Marxists. European heritage is something that some that many white individuals and people groups can be proud of, as European history possesses a rich link to a time and culture that is considered by many to be inherently superior to countries such as modern-day Pakistan, where 70% of its Muslim citizens are the product of cousin-cousin or father-daughter incest.

Anti-white campaigns targeting native Canadian residents have intensified over the last two years, theoretically preparing them for an imminent influx of mass immigration from third-world countries. This will “greatly mitigate backlash from whites as they watch their own dispossession with impotent rage,” says VertigoPolitix. Because of the regressive left’s adoption of identity politics as a defining factor of its movement, the alt-right, being a reactionary movement, can be expected to inevitably respond with equal extremity. Is the left prepared to face the consequences of its actions? Only time will tell.