On Halloween Day, October 31, 2017, a man driving an allegedly rented Home Depot pickup truck steered down a bicycle path  in Manhattan and mowed down multiple cyclists, leaving at least 7 dead and several others seriously injured. After crashing the truck, the driver emerged from his vehicle wielding two firearms. The Daily Mail reports that the incident happened a little after 3:20 PM Tuesday near Chambers and Hudson Street near the World Trade Center.

According to the police, the firearms described above were simply imitations, and the man began to shout, “Allahu Akbar!” However, many eyewitnesses claim that the Muslim offender fired off several gunshots. It is unclear whether the gunshots described came from the driver’s guns or were the gunshots fired by police to kill the assailant. Two bystanders on the scene, in addition to one police officer, have sustained gun wounds

One man reports that the Muslim shooter was “being chased,” and that exactly four shots were fired before those present began to panic and scatter; however, because everything happened to fast, it is difficult to explain precisely what happened. 

Watch the testimony:

According to both official police sources and Twitter witnesses, the assailant shouted, “Allahu Akbar” as he left his vehicle. The mayor of Manhattan has confirmed that there is no active threat and that at least one person has been taken into custody. 

What is perhaps one of the sobering aspects of this recent act of terror is the numbness that so many Americans have adopted to encompass the asinine rates that such revolting behavior inflicts pain and turmoil on the American people. If you are concerned about a loved one involved with the terror attack in Manhattan, please call (212) 639-9675 to contact officials who can help provide answers. As the story behind the incident unfolds, more information will be released. 

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