BREAKING FOOTAGE Shows the Arrest of 16 Year Old ISIS Sniper Linda Wenzel, a German Schoolgirl

linda wenzel


A video depicting the arrest of 16-year-old German schoolgirl Linda Wenzel, who became an ISIS fighter, has surfaced. Wenzel was allegedly a “sniper” for ISIS forces and participated directly in combat. She was taken into custody as an enemy combatant along with four other German women. They were found hiding in the tunnels of Mosul, a city that was reclaimed by the Iraqi army in early July 2017.

A Yazidi child

Initially, Iraqi forces misidentified Wenzel as a Yazidi child. Yazidis often have characteristics resembling Europeans including green or blue eyes, blonde hair, and fair skin. However, Linda Wenzel told her detainers “I’m not Yazidi, I’m German.” 

The clip shows Wenzel, who appears severly injured and in distress, escorted by several Iraqi men. 

Linda Wenzel has been the source of enormous media publicity and fascination. The schoolgirl from Dresden, Germany converted to Islam and flew to Turkey with the intent to cross into Syria. She married an ISIS fighter and allegedly became a sniper on the front lines of the war. 

Wenzel was radicalized before she became an ISIS fighter. She allegedly changed her name to Mariam and posted photographs of herself wearing a hijab.

Linda Wenzel
Linda Wenzel captured in Mosul, Iraq

According to Wenzel’s German friends, she had started learning Arabic and carried a Koran to school before joining ISIS. 

Much changed for Wenzel when her husband died soon after they were married. She fought briefly for ISIS, but sought to return home after IS forces lost significant amounts of territory in the Levant, including the city of Mosul.

Wenzel was treated at a military hospital in Bagdad soon after her detention.

German officials have sought her return to Germany. It is unclear what charges she might face if she returns.

According to Iraqi officials, however, Wenzel could face the death penalty for her crimes. The New York Post reported that Wenzel could face the most severe punishment unless she is granted clemency because she is a minor and was considered a missing person in Germany.