BREAKING: North And South Korea To Create First Joint Olympic Team And March Together In Winter Olympics


Ah, North Korea. As an inter-generational controversy brewing in the heart of East Asia, the dictatorial, Stalin-esque, socialist nation has recently collaborated with South Korea regarding the formulation of a groundbreaking new joint Olympic team to star in the 2018 Winter Olympics. 

According to the Associated Press

“Negotiators from the two Koreas, fighting against the clock ahead of the games’ Feb. 9 start date, announced some of the key details of North Korea’s plans after a day of talks Wednesday in the Demilitarized Zone that divides them.”

Represenatives from both countries will take this plan to the International Olympic Committee in Switzerland within the next week to seek approval. An “all-female cheering section” has been referred to; however, official documentation on exactly what this potential team will look like – and which athletes will be competing – is currently still on drawing board. 

What is in stone, however, is the likelihood of North Korean’s most popular girl band, the Moran Hill Orchestra, to appear at the Olympic Games, perhaps for a halftime show appearance. The band’s leader, Hyon Song Wol, was present with the North Korean leader during a meeting with South Korea, and acts as the “soft” face for the Northern regime. 

These reports may culminate in a historic act of unity between North and South Korea, but until the Winter Games draw nearer, no further information has been provided.