In further proof that when it comes to the immigration issue, Liberals are increasingly unwilling to consider even the smallest amount of reasonable caution. Canada has just announced a change in its refugee policy, which will open the floodgate to tens of thousands who had previously been barred entry due to legitimate health concerns. As it’s a well-known fact that accepting large amounts refugee’s from third world countries often stretches the resources of their new host nation, and forces tax dollars to be spent on these newcomers rather than a countries own citizens. Canada like most other Western nations now taking in refugees has always wisely had a policy of barring from entry anyone with a known severe preexisting medical condition that would ensure they act as an even more significant drain on the welfare system. Now, however, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Ahmed Hussen, has announced his intention to eliminate this long-standing policy that he has called outdated.Mr. Hussen appointed to his position by fellow Liberal party member and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has worked consistently since assuming his post to eliminate any and all roadblocks preventing an unlimited stream of migrants into the country. Last fall when speaking before the House of Commons, Hussen told the Legislative body that the 40-year-old policy “does not align with our country’s values of inclusion of persons with disabilities in Canadian society.” Perhaps unsurprisingly Mr. Hussen is a migrant himself, having been born in Somalia. In fact, to this day he also serves as the head of the Canadian Somali Congress, a Somalian community organization based in Toronto. The Somali Congress is most well-known for their partnership with the Canadian Jewish Congress, which led to the establishment of the Canadian Somali-Jewish mentorship project.
Under this policy change pushed forward by Hussen and the rest of Canada’s Liberal party. The country will be forced to take in those with known medical issues such as cancer, heart failure, and even AIDS. All conditions that when forced upon the country’s already overstretched national health care system might very well cause it to break, or at least become even more financially insolvent than it already is. The allure of this free healthcare will also only work to ensure that an ever-increasing number make their way to America’s northern neighbor seeking treatment, but how many will decide to venture South into the warmer United States once healed?

Perhaps one of the more frightening aspects to the concept of letting in thousands of infected people from the most HIV positive part of the world, are the unsettling implications to be found when you combine it with another recent policy change proposed by the Liberal party. Who are now seeking legal reforms which would remove the consequences of infecting a partner with the deadly disease. This new change would mean that you could no longer face legal prosecution for failing to inform your sexual partner that you are HIV+, a concept that was pushed forward in the name of reducing discrimination.

While Hussen and the government have vowed to formally present their plan to remove the immigration restrictions by April 12, amazingly that isn’t soon enough for some. Including members of the even farther left New Democratic Party, who have called the policy “discriminatory,” and one that causes “heartache and hardship.” NDP representative Jenny Kwan in a recent press conference called for the full repeal of the law immediately and rejected claims that it’s removal would put excessive demands on the health care system.

Next Year’s Election Candidates From The New Democratic And Liberal Parties

Increasingly many natural born Canadian citizens are losing hope for the future of their country, as its policies seem determined to put them on a path towards self-destruction. Hopefully, for these millions of Conservative and Libertarian Canadians, next year’s federal election might just offer them a ray of hope towards escaping the Progressive nightmare they have found themselves in. 

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