Looks like someone forgot to tell the Chinese you aren’t supposed to compare Africans to monkeys anymore. With an exhibit at the Hubei Provincial Museum in Wuhan China, openly making some comparisons that would almost certainly have sparked a riot if displayed here in the states. These side by side photo comparisons featuring the likes of a screaming young black boy next to the image of a howling chimp.

Keep in mind the “This Is Africa” Exhibition was being displayed in an official state museum in China. So this controversial by our standards display was certainly seen at least originally, to be perfectly acceptable by the authorities in the world’s second most powerful nation.

The exhibit which was has now been taken down just in this past week, following complaints made by African students living in China, had originally proved quite popular with its intended Chinese audience. With official state news media estimating that over 170,00 people to have scene the the display before it was taken down.

Maybe this should be of no surprise in a nation increasingly well known for its casual racism, especially against those of the darkest skin color. In fact just this past week as well, China courted racial controversy when its most popular mobile message app, WeChat. Was found to be translating the term “Black Foreigner” to “Nigger” automatically. Given these facts it’s no wonder the Chinese audience seen looking over the exhibit below certainly seems to find nothing particularly shocking about it.

In defense of the exhibit the museum curator stated “the target of the exhibition is mainly a Chinese audience.” Seemingly openly admitting that such comparisons are not only popular in China but accepted as not inherently controversial as well. Based on comments from guests who manged to see the display, the curator was right that the images would prove popular with a Chinese audience. With one user of popular Chinese social media platform Wiebo stating she was blow away by the photos, and another simply adding in she liked the exhibit “very much”.

While here in the United States, we are now constantly forced to hear talk that America is inherently a “racist nation” that is “against black people”. I wonder what these NFL players and Black Lives Matter types would do when faced with a nation that is far more openly racist, and also not all that keen to feel bad about that fact. While our black citizens continue to openly encourage self-segregation to free themselves from even just the virtual presence of their supposedly evil racist fellow Americans. They ignore what actual racism looks like.

In a country like ours where people get outraged over a Dove commercial that unintentionally had a black woman change into a white one. We would probably have nothing short of riots over a commercial like the one below where a Chinese woman literally washes the “dirt” off a Black handyman thus changing him into apparently a much more acceptable and clean Chinese man.

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