Communism has claimed yet another victim, and this time it’s of the silicon variety. A Chinese Company known as Taqu, has been forced to shut down a new sex doll rental service they had just launched only two days prior to great fanfare. The company had been hoping to offer its customers the chance to rent one of five “fully functional” sex dolls for a small daily fee. Hoping to open up the market for these normally quite expensive adult toys to the average citizen. For those wondering about the obvious hygienic issues involved, Taqu claims that upon return of rentals the “lower parts” of all dolls would have been fully replaced. Along with the rest being thoroughly cleaned.

The 5 Dolls Originally Planned To Be Offered Including A Wonder Woman Model

The Chinese authoritarian government wasn’t having it however. As following the company’s announcement pitch going viral online, they found themselves heavily fined and ordered to shut the service down completely all within the first 48 hours post launch. Here below is a translation of the formal statement regarding the situation released by the company via popular Chinese social network Weibo.

“Regrettably, Touch is temporarily suspending the operation of project ‘Girlfriend Sharing’ and taking the Touch App’s sharing feature offline. Because our third-party marketing staff failed to comply with related regulations, certain promotion campaigns were suspended by regulatory agencies, considering the widespread controversy, we decided to stop the project.

Ever since the project began, we’ve used the slogan ‘Shared girlfriend—your heartwarming companionship.’ We hope to introduce expensive silicon sex dolls to the public, in order to provide love and companionship. We sincerely apologize for the negative impact caused by the project, especially its negative impact on online discourse at a time of major meetings. In the future, Touch will continue to put corporate social responsibility as a priority while actively exploring healthy and harmonious sexual lifestyle. Sex itself is not vulgar. Making more Chinese people experience the pleasure of sex is still the goal we strive for.”

You may have noticed the line above regarding “a time of major meetings”. This would likely be referring to the upcoming 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. An event the nation has been preparing for some time now, as it will likely decide the future course of the country for at least the next five years. The sheer fact this event is soon being held is effecting everything in the world’s most populous country, as there is an attitude from the party that everything must be perfect before the Congress can begin. Efforts to ensure this perfection including everything from shutting down controversial sex doll sharing apps, to mysteriously pulling back on the increasing war rhetoric with neighbor India. Anything that could cause disunity in the people right now is to be avoided, even in cases like this where it might seem just a bit silly on the surface level. This type of extreme Governmental control however is simply just business as usual in a Communist country.

Creepy Yes? But Should Be Illegal? No.

All joking aside, what is sad about the quick shutdown of Taqu is that their stated company goal of promoting a healthier sexual culture in China was a noble and perhaps needed one. Especially in a nation where sex remains a highly taboo topic, based on long standing Communist principles which proclaim more open sexual attitudes as something best left to the bourgeois. At the end of the day this is a case of big government shutting down a young upstart company, that might even have done some good albeit in a rather strange roundabout way. There is no question that the average Chinese citizen would benefit from its leaders allowing for a slightly more open national sexual conversation. Even just the fact the service went viral online so quickly in China shows the people are starved for the opportunity to discuss a topic that is normally not allowed in the public discourse.

In an interview with the BBC regarding the situation company spokesperson stated. While “they received very positive feedback from users. It’s really hard in China.” Telling the BBC there “had been a lot of controversy with the police over the issue”. The company itself will survive, simply selling other more standard sex toys even if for now its dreams of being the Uber or Airbnb of sex dolls is dead. They are even planning on refunding double, the deposits for the rental service many eager Chinese had already put down.

Here in the United States, and Europe as well. Sex dolls are increasingly controversial too even, but for a very different reason. With Feminist warriors up in arms about the misogynistic implications of their increasing life-likeness. Of course not all women are threatened by their plastic competition, including female Conservative figure Lauren Southern.

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