“For fucking being a fucking racist you fucking human piece of shit.”   – American Woman In Denmark 2017


We all know that in these highly politically charged times it doesn’t take much to set your typical Leftist off. This going double for the under 30 female element of the Regressive Left, who seem almost guaranteed to be offended by something the moment they leave their precious safe space bubbles. In fact this is probably why the young American girl in the video below chose to visit Denmark in the first place. Likely assuming it to be some perfect Liberal haven free of any dissenting thoughts or opinions. So imagine her shock, when her dream European safe space vacation was invaded by a monster wearing a MAGA hat.

Of course in reality the girl was the true invader here. As she was a foreigner, coming into a bar in another country. Taking a seat next to a native resident, and then exploding on him for his beliefs. The arrogance this woman displayed being quite astounding really. To feel the right to travel around the world telling people what is acceptable to think and what’s not, in their own countries. You can see for yourself just how outrageous the whole thing is here below.

This politically motivated assault is actually considered a hate crime in the Danish legal system. With the video evidence to support them, a formal case has now been opened against the women. While she will likely get off with just a warning, or be asked to leave the country at worst. It’s still important to take a stand at all times, against those that would limit freedom of political expression. As the victim in the above video states, “political violence is never acceptable, no matters ones political affiliation.” In an age where the mainstream media openly seems to encourage violence against people with the wrong beliefs, this message from a Danish conservative should be all the more important to us all. If we don’t take a stand where we can, we soon might find ourselves living in a truly global Safe Space, and what right minded adult really wants that?


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