Did Muslim riots break out in Sweden just after Trump’s “last night in Sweden” comment?

Muslim Riots

The MSM Thought They Were Right About Sweden…

The Claim:

Two days after Trump made his now infamous “last night in Sweden” comment that was widely mocked by the mainstream media, called fake news, and even trended as a hashtag on Twitter, large Muslim riots broke out in Sweden.

The Verdict:

Donald Trump’s “last night in Sweden” remark was a savory gaffe for the mainstream media to pick apart. Or was it?

Trump made the comment at his Florida rally on February 18, 2017, to applause from his supporters. But as expected, the MSM was not too pleased with Trump. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post went wild with editorial anger, blasting the President for making up nonexistent details. Together, they produced dozens of stories about “last night in Sweden,” claiming that nothing happened. Far left ‘fact check’ website Politifact boldly proclaimed the following:

Was there an immigrant-linked incident in Sweden the night before Trump’s rally? Call it the “Bowling Green massacre,” part II.

Sweden has let in a large number of immigrants and refugees. But we couldn’t find any evidence that indicates Sweden’s immigration policy is causing the types of problems with terrorist incidents that Trump suggested — and we couldn’t find any record of an attack by terrorists or immigrants in Sweden on the night of Feb. 17, or any night recently.”

Other news outlets called the President out for lying or suggested that he made up fake news. President Trump responded to the claims, stating that he had watched a documentary clip on television about the rise in crimes happening in Sweden, particularly violent rape and murder.

He was referring to filmmaker Ami Horowitz, who has produced several documentaries about the refugee crisis and the toll it has taken on Europe.

Now, Donald Trump’s statement is being revisited across social media and the MSM, as it seems rather predictive of the environment that has been cultivated by Sweden’s open-door policy toward immigrants, particularly young Muslim men. Researchers have documented that Sweden’s mass immigration policy is so out of control it’s created a sex-ratio disparity of 123 boys to 100 girls among children ages 16-17. That’s considered one of the worst in the world. Comparatively, China has a disparity of 117 boys to 100 girls for the same age bracket. For all the mockery he received, Donald Trump’s comment brought attention to a problem that continues to get worse in the small nation of Sweden.

Just two days after Trump’s Florida rally, the MSM was forced to backtrack their mockery.

On February 20, 2017, a riot broke out in a Muslim immigrant neighborhood of Stockholm, Sweden, involving more than 70 men. Fires were set to cars, property was damaged, journalists were assaulted, and police struggled to break up the crowd. In spite of all of the vandalism, no arrests were made. The Washington Free Beacon reported:

A drug-related arrest made by Swedish police on Monday night prompted crowds of residents to gather at the scene in the predominately immigrant neighborhood of Rinkeby, a northwestern suburb of Stockholm.”

Even the New York Times, which had to rent out eight floors of its historic office building in New York City due to tumbling profit margins, was forced to admit that Trump’s comments drew attention to the situation in Sweden.

Yet, despite the obvious facts, Sweden and other European nations continue large-scale mass migration programs. However, there is a growing populist revolt against them. Some sociologists document that the migrant crisis is a major reason for the rise of Europe’s far-right parties and is, perhaps, why far-right candidates are faring so well in upcoming elections. Anti-immigrant platforms have propelled Geert Wilders of the Netherlands into the lead, while National Front candidate Marine Le Pen is also leading in France. Dr. Frauke Petry of Germany is gaining against her chief rival, Angela Merkel, who is one of the greatest advocates of open borders in Europe. As with Americans, it seems Europeans are genuinely scared for the future of their countries, and nationalism is gaining a tremendous platform.