VIDEO: Drunk Immigrant Harasses Native Germans, Gets An Unexpected Surprise


On July 24, 2017, a nearly cinematic plot unfolded in the nation  of Germany. A video recently surfaced where an allegedly African immigrant had begun to harass a group of Germans over a bicycle. The immigrant can be seen stumbling around wielding a beer bottle before getting punched in the face by a large muscular German citizen.

Near the 1:30 mark, one of the Germans picks up the bicycle and hurls it at the immigrant after vocalizing his desire for the immigrant to quit harassing him and his friends. Evidently, the immigrant learned that the people of Germany are not to be trifled with.

According to the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, approximately 20% of German residents have a foreign background, but approximately 8% of the total German population are not legally registered into the federal system. This would infer that a little less than half of the immigrants in Germany are present illegally.

Yet, German leader Angela Merkel refuses to place any type of upper limit for the massive influx of refugees. The progressive left is intent on eradicating indigenous European peoples in favor of a more culturally diverse, eclectic sum of multiculturalism. This is definitely an act of white genocide, as it seeks to eradicate an entire people group through systemized integration, inter-breeding, and lack of assimilating foreign occupants. The result will inevitably be the abolition of indigenous European peoples in the name of radical inclusion, tolerance, and multiculturalism. 

There is hope, however, and a glimmer is seen in this video. Nationalism is deeply rooted in the blood of native Germans, spanning from the advent of Romantic nationalism in the 18th century to the Nazi movement the took the 20th century by storm. It is no easy matter to annihilate an entire people group via the mass immigration of foreign occupants, especially when such a people group has a well-rooted foundation in European nationalism. Stand strong, Germans, the West is upheld by your resistance to the lethal rulings of your chancellor and her cabinet.