Emmanuel Macron Sues Journalists In Hopes Of Stopping Tax Evasion Story

Jack Posobiec

In a presidential debate on May 3rd, Marine Le Pen suggested that Emmanuel Macron has an offshore bank account in the Bahamas. The next morning, the Macron campaign announced that it was suing Le Pen for defamation. 

Macron didn’t stop with Le Pen. The BBC verified that Macron took action against anybody who published information about his involvement in avoiding taxes.

This included Jack Posobiec of Rebel Media. The Macron campaign filed a lawsuit after Posobiec tweeted a story about Macron using overseas accounts for tax evasion.

The story Posobiec references deals with the leaking of sensitive documents. The documents indicate Macron was involved in forming an LLC on the Caribbean island of Nevis, a popular destination for bankers seeking sanctuary from taxation.

Documents leaked online today appear to show that French Presidential Candidate Emmanuel Macron entered into an operating agreement for a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the Caribbean island of Nevis, and that the company may have had a business relationship with a bank which has been previously involved in tax evasion cases in the Cayman Islands. Macron claimed he was not concealing assets or holding secret offshore accounts less than a month ago.

The first document is an operating agreement drawn up on May 4th, 2012 to form “La Providence LLC” under the 1995 Nevis Limited Liability Company Ordinance bearing Mr. Macron’s name and signature. La Providence is the name of Macron’s former high school in Amiens, where he first met his wife. The decision to form a company in Nevis is suspect, as the Nevis Confidential Relationship Act prohibits the disclosure of information and guarantees the secrecy and privacy of offshore LLCs in Nevis. Information about company owners is not published nor is it available to the public. Nevis has been described by Bloomberg as one of a number of popular tax havens in the Caribbean.

Here is a copy of the leaked file with Macron’s signature.

Emmanuel Macron tax evader extraordinaire

The day after his tweet about Macron’s potential ties to an overseas account, Posobiec claimed he was sued by Macron.

Macron has shut down all questions about the documented and blocked journalists on Twitter seeking to investigate the matter. Brian Dordevic attempted to contact the Macron campaign for comment about the lawsuit against journalists and was blocked.

Brian also pointed French Journalists are quick to jump and defend Macron, claiming that documents are photoshopped. However, multiple documents prove otherwise.

Polls indicate “certain outcome” of round two of the French elections, however we can remember what happened during Brexit and US Elections. Some Data indicates that this presidential election may have the highest voting abstention rate in the history of France, a fact that would benefit Le Pen.