European Millenials Buy Giant Ship, Return Refugees Back To Africa


The reasoning is simple, and the logic is incredibly easy to follow. “We don’t want to become Africa.” 

At least, that is what far-right Austrian activist claims on behalf of the growing Identitarian movement in European states. Illegal immigrants, often euphemized by the media and European magistrates as “undocumented migrants” make up a sizeable minority of asylum seekers in Europe, and although an exact number is difficult to come by due to their keeping under the radar, predictions of extraordinarily high amounts have been made in the past.

Italy has approximately 10,000 migrants from out of the country shipped into their borders everyday, and as Italy shares a border with Austria, Austrian officials have pronounced warning against Italy. In July 2017, Austrian officials threatened to send armed forces to close the Austrian-Italian border in Brenner if Italy decides to unconditionally grant visas to 100,000 migrants stranded in the Mediterranean. To put it bluntly, Austria is getting sick of Italy’s shenanigans. 

On the societal level, outside of the realm of the political, an Austrian nationalist activist group has recently crowdfunded a large cargo ship, receiving over €130,000 (over $150,000 USD) in donations in under a single month.

Their mission is simple: Sail the seas towards the Mediterranean, stop all non-governmental organization (NGO) boats carrying foreign asylum seekers and return them via the crowdfunded ship to the seekers’ country of origin. The mission is a white nationalist’s wet dream, and Martin Sellner is at the forefront of making it come true. There is no foreseeable illegality behind the actions of Sellner and his compatriots, and Sellner is dead-set on accomplishing this mission:

“… soon the people who have been living here for thousands of years will be an endangered minority in their own country. If you invite the whole of Africa, you don’t have Africa. You become Africa. But we don’t want to be Africa.

The strong anti-multiculturalist, anti-globalist sentiment expressed by the Identitarian movement in Europe is not misplaced, and their concern is best ratified by the refugee crisis in Germany, where the Muslim population is set to nearly quadruple to an astonishing 20 million by 2020. The case is strong, and the continuous insistence by European government officials for the radical inclusion of foreign minorities into traditionally Europeans is construed by many to mean one thing: white genocide. The white indigenous peoples of Europe are becoming an increasingly discriminated against population, with many German leaders celebrating the fact that the native German population will be replaced by foreigners in the near future.

But, there is hope for the native European people, and it lies in movements like the one subscribed to by Martin Sellner. The increasingly contemporary neoliberal, socially progressive framework is in a nagging demand for a neoreactionary mindset to revolt against the modern paradigm of despondency. The far-right is gaining momentum, notably among the newest generation of young adults, called “GenZennials.” And, as always, the pendulum swings.