The identity of the Texan church shooter has not yet been released to the public. This has led many independent investigators to speculate on who exactly committed the shooting, and some are testifying to the existence of two shooters

Nevertheless, there is always room for speculation, and this brings us to the intense examination of the site’s presence on social media. The First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs in Sutherland Springs, TX has a relatively active Facebook page that boasts over 16,000 page likes. However, this rather large following for such a small church (which claims to have approximately 40-50 congregants in weekly attendance) is likely due to the massive amounts off media coverage given to the church in recent developments. 

Recent reports indicate that the shooter was not from the area, indicating that he was either not indigenous to the local community or that he is of ethnic descent. 

If one looks at the Facebook page’s posts, they are given the option to examine who exactly “likes” or “shares” the church’s posts. As Sutherland Springs, TX is a very small town – home to less than 400 people – one would expect for only the church’s congregants or local community to be interacting with its social media presence; however, upon inspection, it becomes clear that something is amiss. 

See for yourself: 

Evident by the above pictures, provided by our friends at /pol/, there some sort of Islamic interest in the church’s Facebook page. Although it is far too early to begin pointing fingers, is it possible that an Islamic group targeted the community months before this (presumably premeditated) attack? The Arabic names imminent on the page’s Facebook page, dated back to August, make one question exactly what the connection is between anyone of Middle Eastern descent and Sutherland Springs, TX. 

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