First Staff Positions Eliminated at Evergreen State College As Budget Crisis Emerges

Mizzou Effect

Evergreen State College is facing new budget deficits that have led to the elimination of one project manager position and the reduction of another, according to The Olympian. Evergreen may be entering a long term budget crisis stemming from declining admissions, fewer donations, and a Washington state legislature impasse that is threatening more than a dozen staff jobs.

Evergreen had planned to lay off 15 positions at the end of July, but rescinded the terminations after administrators redirected campus money to temporarily pay the employees.

It is worth noting that Evergreen State College is already showing signs of the ‘Mizzou Effect’, dubbed after professor Melissa Click and Black Lives Matter ‘activists’ at the University of Missouri engaged in hunger strikes, blocked roadways, harassed police officers, and tried to remove a journalist with ‘muscle’.  As a result, the University of Missouri lost thousands of students, fired hundreds of faculty and staff, and ran up deficits well over 100 million dollars.

The elimination of Mizzou staff members began just a couple months after the chaos ended there. In April 2016 Mizzou Vice Chancellor Gary Ward announced the elimination of 50 jobs in housekeeping and maintenance operations.  The administration fought hard to downplay that the firings were a direct result of the BLM/Melissa Click fiasco, but they clearly were.

Things kept getting worse. In 2017 Mizzou tallied tens of millions in budget shortfalls, prompting the president of the system to announce a stunning $94 million in budget cuts for 2018-2019, considered one of the largest cuts for a university in U.S. history.

Like Mizzou, Evergreen State College is merely at the beginning of a long road down a very deep toilet. Evergreen saw an immediate decline in enrollment after white students were targeted with discrimination and white faculty were held hostage inside their offices. The campus later admitted these were criminal acts.

While Evergreen has entered damage control mode, it may be too little too late. Another progressive school has destroyed itself.

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