Forget North Korea and Russia. China Vs India is the Real WW3 and It’s Coming Soon


These days it almost seems like the mainstream news can only ever cover two topics.  It’s continued obsession with the Russia Vs America narrative and the occasional mention of everyone’s favorite little despot when he decides to lob off another missile into the ocean.  What the media bias towards these two topics has done however, is blind most American’s to the far more real and serious tensions brewing on the other side of the globe.

This might come as a shock to many of you, but two of the world’s Nuclear super powers are aiming their missiles at each other, and I am NOT talking about the U.S. and Russia.

Related imageFor the last 50 days or so the two most populous countries on Earth, have been squaring off over a disputed region known as the Doklam area. While the territory has been in dispute for decades, with both China and key Indian ally Bhutan claiming it as their own.  Tensions suddenly escalated dramatically recently when the Indian army forcibly stopped a Chinese Army detachment from constructing a road in the area.  To this minute forces from both armies remain in the small valley, with guns pointed at each other. Forget the Korean DMZ, Doklam is the real flash point location that might start WW3 any day now. 

To make clear just how high tensions currently are.  Within this past week the official state-run China Daily paper warned that “The countdown to a clash between the two forces has begun, and the clock is ticking away the time to what seems to be an inevitable conclusion”. The paper, an organ of the Communist parties propaganda machine, went on to say The window for a peaceful solution is closing” and that “India will only have itself to blame.”

In fact the state propaganda machine in China is in such full swing attempting to ensure the populous is eager for a war with India if and when it comes. That it has published over 140 articles in the Chinese press recently all painting India as the evil aggressor and warning of the unavoidable cataclysmic military consequences India will soon face. Should they not opt to withdraw their troops immediately.

In an effort to diffuse these tensions and allow time for a diplomatic solution last week the Indian government suggested both countries remove their troops to 250 meters outside of the disputed region.  China however unilaterally refused this and simply reaffirmed that only the complete withdraw of Indian troops is acceptable to them.

Tensions have only kept rising since. Just this morning sensing that a diplomatic resolution does not appear to be quick in coming India has ordered its operational readiness along the border with China to its maximum possible level.  With this heightened stage of alert on both sides, all it would take is a single nervous solider accidentally firing a lone shot on either side, to almost instantly set off a larger conflict. In fact this wouldn’t be the first time the two fought over something like this, as in 1962 the pair went to war over a similar small scale border dispute.  A war that while thankfully never exploded into full scale conflict, did end with Chinese gains and a humiliating defeat the Indian people have never forgotten.  In fact it was this earlier defeat at Chinese hands that has largely motivated India over the last 50 years to modernize their army into something that could better match their Eastern rivals.

What happens though if Round 2 between the super powers doesn’t end quite as quickly?  Keep in mind that in the time since they last fought these two nations have come to possess the 3 and 4th most powerful militaries on the planet.  Which doesn’t even take their large nuclear arsenals into account.  To better get an idea of the scale of conventional fighting these two nations are capable of all on their own, here is a quick breakdown of their military strengths with China on top and India below.

Total Manpower
Army Strength

Naval Strength

Air Strength

Of course it’s important to remember both nations are armed to the teeth with these as well.

Image result for nuclear china india

Image result for nuclear china missiles

At current best estimates India possess around 130 nuclear warheads and China around 270.  More then enough to hit each of their enemies major cities, and leave plenty extra for potential enemy allies as well. 

Perhaps even more frightening then this fact, is that a conflict between the two power’s is very unlikely to stay between them and not degrade down into a full WW3 scale event.  For starters India’s sworn enemy and fellow Nuclear power Pakistan would likely not be able to resist the chance to attack a weakened India. Especially not when they could do so under the guise of aiding China, a nation they have a great relationship with that even includes spending billions on Chinese arms. America of course would certainly feel pressured to come to the aid of our friend India if it was every truly threatened, to say nothing of Japan who would not want to sit back and watch China dominate the entire eastern world either. 

The bottom line is that it doesn’t take a Political Scientist to know that the dominoes leading to a potential new WorldWar could easily start to fall if the Chinese and Indians really start shooting like they are both threatening to at this very moment.  With that in mind, maybe it’s time we here in America start spending less attention on the never ending threats from the paper tiger in North Korea, and start spending more on their masters over in China.

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